Emmerdale's Andy Sugden set to lose everything!

Andy Sugden

Emmerdale’s Andy Sugden set to lose everything during this coming summer, so it’s not going to be a sunny one for the farmer who’s gone from murderer, wife beater and general nutcase to being a devoted and struggling dad.

However, despite all his efforts to keep his daughter Sarah, things are about to take a turn for the worse for him when, in a moment of despair – as he realises his history of domestic violence is going to go against him in court – he first decides to back out of the custody battle for Sarah so Debbie will get sole custody of their little girl.

Thereafter, Andy is set to free fall into a deep depression which will see him isolate himself not only from the villagers but also from Sarah as he believes she’ll be better off without him in her life.

An Emmerdale insider revealed to the tabloids that “Andy’s mental state will fall so low, he’ll lose Butler’s farm and leave the village.” However, apparently he’s not gone for long but when he returns to the village, he’ll find that a new family, the Barton’s, have taken over Butler’s.

Ex-Holby Blue actor James Thornton is to play John Barton, dad of the family, while ex-Bill star Natalie J. Robb will play his wife, Moira. The couple are to have three teenaged children, Adam, Holly and Hannah.

So how will Andy react? Well, given his temper and mental state, I suspect he isn’t going to take it well! However, it seems that Moira is going to find a “soft spot” for Andy and will do what she can to help him while a tragic accident sets up a feud between the Barton’s and the Wylde’s… Should be an exciting summer!

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    I hope they is going to be a happyer time for Andy he deserves it it is about time.

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