Holiday Showdown: Part 1 of 2

Tuesday, 12 May 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Holiday Showdown, the BAFTA-nominated and Royal Television Society award-winning hit show, returns to ITV1 this May with two episodes featuring four more explosive and emotional holidays.

Holiday Showdown matches up two very different families with completely opposing ideas of what makes a good holiday and sends them away together for two weeks. The rules are non-negotiable, for each week of the holiday one of the families is in charge in their ideal holiday location. Both families have a challenge – to convince the other of the wonders of their holiday.

Holiday Showdown guarantees stress and conflict aplenty but also surprising insights discovering what happens when one family’s idea of holiday heaven is someone else’s holiday hell!.

In this week’s Holiday Showdown consumerism and spirituality collide, when a fun and sun-seeking family who love to party in Magaluf, team up with back-to-basics hippies whose idea of holiday heaven is backpacking around off-the-beaten track India.

Reclusive Hare Krishnas, the Falconer-Pughs live in the rural backwaters of mid Wales, and once a year make a pilgrimage to recharge their spiritual batteries in Kerala, South India. Their love for India began when 43-year-old earth mother Kerriann and her children Lisa, 19 and Kris, 17, converted to the Hare Krishna religion ten years ago. Kerriann’s 30-year-old partner Mark Pugh has also chosen the simple life, preferring to live away from the excesses of modern life and avoid people: “The best way in life is to have acquaintances and not friends,” he says, “then if tomorrow they die you don’t even have to go to their funeral.”

The fun-loving Foster family from the bustling market town of Doncaster love socializing with other Brits in the home-from-home resort of Magaluf in Majorca. Mum Sharon, dad Harry, 19-year-old daughter Teri and 13-year-old Jade have returned to the resort for over 15 years. Material girl Sharon is a shoe fanatic and the highlight of her holiday is blowing the family budget shopping. Her daughters share the same values: “We don’t want to be anywhere where there’s no electric, we want to do our hair and make up and look glamourous,” says Teri.

As the Falconer-Pughs arrive in Magaluf, Sharon is determined to be the perfect host – but Sharon’s idea of fun isn’t a hit for the Falconer-Pughs. Kerriann fails to see the charm in the indulgent consumerism, and Mark’s brutal honesty about the resort increasingly stresses out the Fosters. His verdict on the holiday? “Absolutely rubbish.” However for 17-year-old Kris the holiday is a dream come true – it’s not just the resort that seduces him but also a holiday romance, Stacey.

As the holiday draws to a close, things are looking up for the families, but the karma is ruined when the Falconer-Pughs reveal their backpacking holiday. The Foster girls are reduced to tears at the prospect of slumming it with no make up. On their arrival in India the Fosters are overwhelmed and Sharon finds it hard to cope with the poverty she sees. Trips around the hustling markets and on a local train fail to win them round. As the holiday progresses though the Fosters start to see beyond the poverty and reflect on their own holiday and way of life. Harry begins to mingle with the locals and what started as the holiday from hell becomes a life- changing journey.

Next week, the Brown family are self-confessed loners, who spend their holidays on an SAS style survival course in Scotland. They learn to live off the land, sleep in the open and eat only food they catch. In contrast, the Maybes are a typical Essex family who love to party hard in Lanzarote. They smoke heavily, eat fast food and love to drink.

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