Hello BGT fans.

Two more acts need to go through tonight in the third semi-final show. I hope tonightt is a bit better than last night. I’m excited about one or two of the acts tonight. The judges are out, Amanda is looking good and Barbie-like, let’s go…

First up, Harmony. They’re singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cindi Lauper. Oh God this stuff is of my nightmares. I like pink, but this is too much. Too tweenie, for Queenie. She won’t like this, it will mean nothing to her. It’s chaos disguised as girly frolicking.

These won’t get through. And now just because they’re the first act and will be easily forgotten. It’s the stuff of kid’s TV.

Piers is being polite about them.Amanda liked them. Also, being polite. Simon, not mincing words said that they were “atrocious”.

Next up Kay Oresanya. The human-saxophone. Simon doesn’t know why he is in the semi-finals.

Neither do I. He is making noises to Feed The World by Michael Jackson. GOD THIS IS AWFUL.

If you like the sound of cats and babies screaming, pigs squealing as they are slaughtered, and so on, you’d love him. Otherwise, this is crap.

Simon buzzed him within seconds without hesitation. He must not get through.

Simon is getting booed by the audience for his criticism. What is wrong with them? This act is terrible. IT’S NOT EVEN AN ACT. IT’S NOT A TALENT.

Next up, it’s ballroom dancers from Essex, Ben and Becky, who are brother and sister.

They’re dacning to Long Tall Sally. They’re good and professional, but not fantastic. They seemed to be better in the audition. It’s been like this for other acts too. They’ve lost their magic. Simon seems to agree and he’s upset Becky. Oh no. Piers and Amanda disagree with him, and the crowd cheer. Will be interesting to see how they do in the votes.

And now, 12-year-old Shaheen Jafagholi. He dazzled the judges and the audience in his audition, and he has a lot to live up to, as expectations are high. I hope he doesn’t crack…

Bloody hell he’s singing even better. Watch out Susan. I’m not sure about the song, but his voice is incredible. He’s going to be amazing when he’s older.He has to get through tonight. BRILLIANT. The audience are going crazy. Piers and Amanda are stood up cheering. Simon isn’t though.

He’s a lovely little boy too. Very sweet and not overly sappy and prima-donnaish. Piers thinks it was the best singing performance in the semi-finals so far.

Awww he has the cuuutest smile. I want to buy him sweets.

Simon thinks he chose a really difficult song and he was nervous about it, but he thinks it worked. Simon is certain he’ll be in the final and he’s a contender to win the competition. GO SHAHEEN!

Next up, the Barrow Boys. If you remember these from the audition, they are basically three blokes who dick-around with wheelbarrows.

They’re dicking-around tonight to Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.

Nothing spectacular so far. Anyone could do this with a few friends if they each had a barrow, a song playing and the ability to move in simple rhythm. Not even rhythm, just remember a routine.

Amanda likes them as she has family in Devon, where the Barrow Boys are from. But they haven’t really changed or improved their act, so he was disappointmed. Piers was the same too.

Next up, is dance troupe MD Showgroup. They’re 35 teen dancers from Liverpool.

They’re dancing to a medley of music. They’re very energetic and giving it full force. The kicks are hard, and the head-bangs look neck-breaking. They’re good and feisty but not quite as polished as FLAWLESS or DIVERSITY.

Simon wishes he could “bottle their passion” and he thought it was incredible. They’re thrilled to hear it, and I think Simon has taken a shine to them. They seem quite emotional, and they’ve put a lot of heart and feeling into their dancing. They dance like it’s a matter of “life or death” as Amanda said. Well put, Holden.

Well done girls, even if you don’t win I hope you go far.

Near the end now, and the penultimate act tonight is…sigh…Floral Highnotes. Sigh.

Thi s is flower arranging while a lady sings. Yep. Like some weird live art it is.

Lady – I’m sorry I haven’t bothered to learn their names – is singing Rule Brittania. The Queen would actually like that. And Gentleman is arranging flowers around. He’s making a bouquet. The bouquet could be given to the Queen after the song has finished.

It’s a mix of cheers and boos. Okay, apparently the bouquet was made to look like the shield of Britannia. I did not get that.

Piers thinks it was sophisticated. Amanda agreed. Simon thinks even the Royal family is too modern for it and they would find it dull.

Finally, we have Stavros Flatley. I remember remarking on how the little boy reminded me of Bobby Hill from KIng of the Hill. He still does.

Well, it’s like the mad Greek dancing. What’s it called? You know what I mean. It’s okay. Kind of funny I suppose. Seemed funnier first time around. They’re still nice in a mad father/son act kind of way.



Stavros Flatley and Shaheen are through to the final! Aww Shaheen was so upset for the others. BLESS HIM. He’s a sweetheart. RIGHT. That’s that done for another night. NO SEMI-FINALS TOMORROW.

The next semi-finals are Thursday night. See you then.

Tomorrow night check out BrokenBottleBoy’s APPRENTICE LIVE BLOG. Wahooo! So long.

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