Mary Queen Of Shops: Episode Three

Mary’s on the final leg of her campaign, but she’s still got a mountain to climb. With four weeks until she hands the shop back to the charity, Mary needs to work fast to show why her ideas would benefit any charity shop.

She takes her campaign, which she names D-Day – Donate Don’t Dump Day – out on the road and calls on volunteers from MIND, Barnardo’s and The North London Hospice to launch their own versions. With only a framework to go on, they will have to create attention-grabbing presentations and capture the imagination of local donors.

Back at the shop, Mary puts the final piece of her strategy to breathe new life into charity shops into place. She rebrands her shop “Living and Giving” and gives it new direction by encouraging local producers to use it as an outlet to sell their wares, including local fashion student Callum.

Knowing that London Fashion week is where trends are set, Mary and her volunteers try to convince celebrities and fashion editors to ditch their cutting-edge outfits in favour of some of Mary’s charity shop finds. Erin O’Connor and Peaches Geldof take up the challenge and, when styled by Mary’s OAPs, they look even hotter than when they arrived, much to the joy of the awaiting paparazzi.

As Mary’s final day looms, it’s time to wave goodbye to the volunteers and find out the results of her work from the bigwigs of the charity sector. Has she reached their target, and are they willing to take on the blueprint for her new shop and roll it out across other outlets? Or is the public’s negative attitude towards charity shops too well ingrained in the nation’s psyche?

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