Mary Queen Of Shops: Episode Two

Mary sets her sights high as she comes up with some big ideas that can make a difference to every charity shop on the high street. First up is launching an innovative campaign to convince the public to donate quality items. Undeterred by last week’s failure to get better donations she takes her grey army into big businesses to target fashion-lovers in their workplace in a bid to get them to part with the designer threads languishing at the back of their wardrobes.

Her challenge sees Mary throwing open the doors of her retail academy to transform an army of dedicated volunteers from across the charity sector into sales machines. However, it’s been half a century since many of the attendees have sat in a classroom and they’re more like naughty school kids than mature students.

Meanwhile, big changes are underway at Mary’s shop. She’s convinced head office to pay for a shop manager and a radical shop fit, but in return they want Mary to double the weekly takings. Some of the ideas bring dissent in the ranks as Mary struggles to convince some of the more stubborn team members that the changes are for the better.

Things look up when Mary’s campaign results in some fantastic donations, the new manager arrives and the new-look shop opens for business, but can Mary meet the new target of £2,000 a week in the midst of a crippling recession?

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