May 26 2009

  • Warren wants Justin to burn down The Loft
  • Ash continues to lie to the Ashworth’s about Hannah
  • Hayley celebrates her birthday as Caleb and Zak compete at absolutely everything

Justin and Warren

There’s even more graffiti around the village now, and Warren’s mood is therefore getting progressively darker.

Warren desperately wants Justin to burn down The Loft, but Justin still isn’t willing to listen, and keeps rejecting Warren’s phone calls.

Warren is giving Hannah hassle and Justin is therefore forced to speak to him.

Warren gives Justin little choice over the situation when he tells him that Hannah’s life will be at risk if he continues to refuse to burn down The Loft.

Ash and Hannah

Hannah’s still having a hard time with her family, but when she runs into him in the village she sees an opportunity to get him to admit to his lies.

After having it out with Ash in the village; Hannah is pleased when Ash agrees to speak with Suzanne.

Ash arrives at the Ashworth house, and a happy Hannah now believes that the truth will be revealed, and she’ll therefore be able to get on with her life.

Ash’s chat with Suzanne doesn’t go quite as planned for Hannah, as Ash continues to lie about Hannah’s eating habits.

The Ashworth family are now surer than ever that Hannah really does have a problem, and are determined to make Hannah admit to her troubles and seek out help.

Michaela, Zak, Hayley, and Caleb

It’s Hayley’s birthday and she’s therefore out to celebrate.

Zak and Caleb are competing at absolutely everything, both eager to be the most macho brother.

Michaela is cheering Zak on as the two brothers compete, and Hayley is greatly enjoying her birthday as she finds it all highly amusing.

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