Mitchell and Webb are Back!

That Mitchell and Webb Look

The comic duo are back in June with a new series of That Mitchell and Webb Look on BBC Two, reuniting viewers with their bizarre comedy world and unique creations such as conspiracy fighting drunk Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar, the Helivets and of course the parody game show Numberwang!

As with previous years, That Mitchell and Webb Look is likely to air around the same time as the duo’s starring roles in Peep Show on Channel Four – a show that shares several of their guests such as Olivia Colman and Paterson Joseph with their BBC sketch show. It’s quite a rarity to see such a closely associated set of actors spanning networks like a mini theatre company.

David Mitchell and Robert Webb have grown in prominence thanks to these two shows as well as a series of adverts for Apple – and thanks to Comic Relief Robert Webb has become even more recognised thanks to his “Flashdance” tribute which won the 2009 Let’s Dance for Comic Relief celebrity dance competition.

Mitchell meanwhile has continued doing the voiceover work, most notably for National Express railways and the dog in the government’s anti drugs campaign (FRANK).

Eminently quotable, That Mitchell and Webb Look is possibly the best sketch show on British TV since the halcyon days of A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and the material performed by the duo certainly at times harks back to the bets of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, taking in intellectual word play, class and “off-stage” discussions in which the duo appear to have a fractious relationship.

Look out for That Mitchell and Webb Look from mid June.

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