Sneek peeks at tonight's episode of Lost

After last week’s epic show in which poor Daniel got shot and killed by his own mother back in 1977, tonight’s show, entitled Follow The Leader, picks up of course where that one left off and in the opening shots, we see Kate and Jack hiding in the bushes and watching in horror as Daniel gets killed…

So, just to whet your appetite for tonight’s episode, here are some sneek peeks… but be warned, they’re quite spoilerish so don’t watch or read on if you don’t want to know!

I cannot wait for this episode! I’m really hoping that they might take Daniel to The Temple where ‘the magic’ seems to happen and he’ll come back to life! After all, the Island cured John of the whole being dead issue so perhaps it’ll do the same for Faraday?

I’m also hoping that we’ll get an explanation as to why his own mother sent him back to the Island knowing full well that she was going to kill him if she did! She’s not that evil surely? There has to be a reason, so fingers crossed that we get an explanation for that.

Roll on 9pm when the episode is on Sky1!

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