Trisha Goddard: My 2ft 7in Son Is a Primordial Dwarf... People Stare and Refuse to Believe He Is Four Years Old

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On Monday, a man is desperate to give his diminutive son a normal life.

On Tuesday’s show, ‘You Deny Stealing My Mum’s Engagement Ring… Can the Interrogator Force You to Confess the Crime?’, a woman accuses her friend of stealing her mum’s engagement ring.

In Wednesday’s instalment, ‘She’s Quit Her Job, Put on Weight and Drinks All Day… My Wife Is Heading for Her Fourth Divorce’, a man confronts his wife over her laziness.

On Thursday, in ‘Sister, Your Man Cheats Every Time You’re Pregnant – Accept He’ll Never Change and Leave Him for Good’, a woman claims her sister is a fool when it comes to her man.

And on Friday, in ‘I’ve Spent £500,000 to Get My Perfect Body… I’m the Real Life Barbie – I’m Plastic and Proud’, a woman reveals her dream body.

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