Ashes to Ashes S2 E7 Preview

Keeley Hawes and Philip Glenister as DI Alex Drake and DCI Gene Hunt

The body of a Polish worker buried in concrete at a Docklands development, a resistant site owner and the realisation that one of his own team could be involved in the corruption that has overshadowed the series so far threaten to derail DCI Gene Hunt’s team in the penultimate episode of Ashes to Ashes series 2.

With crucial evidence missing, Hunt (Philip Glenister) doesn’t know who to trust – not DI Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes), DS Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) nor DS Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster).

Regular viewers meanwhile will know where to look – the 1980s version of the sinister Martin Summers, apparently another time traveller from the future who has a younger counterpart wandering around the Metropolitan Police.

What all of this means for Alex and her chances of escaping from the bullet-induced coma however isn’t clear.

After apparently having the bullet removed from her brain last time, this week Alex is convinced she’s safely in hospital recovering, with an end to the madness of her trip to the 1980s in sight. Even not making it back in the previous episode hasn’t dissuaded her – yet she respects her colleagues enough to write them letters to be opened if she suddenly leaves.

The twists and turns of the case this week however leave Alex feeling even more alone than before – and that could be just the sign of weakness that the older Summers needs to get Drake on his side…

Whatever is really going on in Ashes to Ashes – from the coma to the corruption and “Operation: Rose” – expect this episode to set things up for the season finale…

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