Ashes to Ashes Series 2 Finale

When the second series of Life on Mars spin-off Ashes to Ashes returned in April, few could have predicted how vital viewing the series would be.

Ashes to Ashes series 2 finale

With Philip Glenister returning as the legend that is DCI Gene Hunt and the gorgeous Keeley Hawes as DI Alex Drake, many expected the series to follow Alex piecing together exactly what she had to do to return to 2008.

Instead with little initial regard for Alex’s predicament, Ashes to Ashes sailed into the world of police corruption which gathered pace as the series progressed and still hung around in the background after the suicide of bent Superintendent Macintosh.

With the recent revelation that it was not Masonic member DS Ray Carling but his colleague Chris Skelton that was the mole or bad egg among Hunt’s CID team, events looked to be taking a turn for the worse as Alex tried to stop the plans of the threatening and evidently corrupt Martin Summers, a fellow refugee from the future.

Which built everything up for a gripping finale which saw Hunt dismayed by Drake’s revelation that she was from the future, just like Sam Tyler (and naturally not believing a word of it) and Drake desperate to stop Summers from masterminding a “blag on a blag” – dodgy coppers robbing armed robbers after successfully pulling a gold bullion robbery.

This was Operation: Rose – a covered-up instance of terrible police corruption that was Martin Summers’ reason for going to 1982 in order to redeem himself.

All season he had pulled strings, even killing his younger self at one point to prove to Alex that the world they inhabit has no rules. Those strings were not to tie up Drake or cause her to fail to get home – they were to put her in a position to stop Operation: Rose so that the bitter older Summers whose life had been eaten away by the constant corruption could die without remorse, knowing that he had been redeemed.

It wasn’t soon either that Alex Drake herself was returned from her coma – but to where, exactly?

And why is Gene Hunt on all of the hospital monitors?

Ashes to Ashes returns in 2010 for its final series.

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