BB10: Day 7 Highlights & News Round Up

As this morning dawned, the house is one housemate lighter because Saffia walked last night! It seems that the pressure of a row with Sophia earlier in the day – which you can see here – and the fact that Kris is putting it about like it’s going out of fashion were all too much for her and she upped and left amid tears and accusations. Eeek!

Channel 4 say that tonight’s eviction will still be going ahead and I guess they’ll possibly bung someone else in there at some point over the next few days.

I can’t say I’m overly sorry to see her go; I hadn’t especially felt the love for her and was in fact veering towards not liking her very much but nonetheless, I suspect she’s going to be kicking herself in a few days when she realises what she’s given up.

Anywho, last night’s Channel 4 highlights show was a cracker! They’re all stepping up their game a bit now aren’t they? The ritual bitching, back-stabbing and butt kissing is now in second if not third gear and we’re more clearly able to see who’s going to be a total pain in the backside and who’s going to be relatively likeable…

That said, I’m not sure how to feel about Kris now. I really liked him at first and still do to some extent but his girl-swapping stuff is rather tacky. One minute he’s telling Saffia that she’s giving him a “semi” – high praise indeed – and the next, he’s massaging a half naked Sophie/Dogface and hanging around her like a bad smell.

I’m also disliking Marcus more than I did previously and I’m beginning to see a rather more unpleasant side to Charlie too. Halfwit is still a pillock but I have to say, I thought his rant at the other housemates for making a really lot of noise in the bedroom was justified, but Charlie et al putting his mattress in the loo was bitchily childish.

Rodrigo, Angel and Sree berated the others for doing so and for finding it funny, and rightly so. The only problem with Halfwit’s rant was the whiny voice he used to do it. “Look you guys…” he began, looking on the verge of tears before gathering up his duvet and pillow and stomping off to the diary room and a subsequent moan with Sree.

But, as he rightly pointed out, there are any number of rooms the housemates can sit and talk/laugh like hyenas in, so it’s not unreasonable to want to use the bedroom to sleep in, it was just the way he put over his moan that I suspect got the others backs up. What would really rile me about him is the fact that – as a smoker myself – he keeps asking people for cigarettes then not smoking properly! He doesn’t inhale; I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but it’s a total waste of really precious commidity!

However, moving on and in the show last night we also saw the repulsive Sophia being very cocky about not being bothered that she was up for eviction and of course, predictably uttering “I knew it!” when her name came up after Halfwit’s. She seems very confident that the public will keep her in, so public? Please don’t! It’ll be worth a fivers worth of phone calls to vote her out just to see the smug grin wiped off her face when Davina calls her name – please God – tonight.

We can get rid of Freddie/Halfwit soon enough but she HAS to go now! Pretty please? I’ll be your friend…

Again, sorry I digressed there but I can’t stand her! Anyway, we saw the gang passing the shopping task and duly celebrating, however, we also saw Sree, Sophia and Marcus discussing who they nominated. As a result, they were punished yesterday by having the cost of everything on the shopping list doubled. Ha! Serves them right too.

Last night, we saw dumbass Marcus telling Halfwit he hadn’t voted for him then angrily lashing out at Lisa when she pointed out that he’s not allowed to discuss nominations. Then Sree whispered to Halfwit that he didn’t vote for him either and Sophia told Siavash, “I’m voting for the leader every week, do you know what I mean?”

Well given he’s got half a brain, yes, he knew who you meant and so did we and BB, hence the punishment. Here’s the video of the punishment being announced and the beginnings of the row between Sophia and Saffia.

Also last night we saw Karly and Sophie/Dogface bitching about Sree’s accusations of their not wearing a whole lot, and, rather grossly, they were sitting on the kitchen worktops not wearing a lot as they did so. People have to prepare food there for the love of Pete! Ewwwww…

Karly’s kind of grating on my nerves a tad of late but I have to say, despite the fact she’s blatantly using her womanly wiles to get the lads’ vote, I’m quite liking Sophie/Dogface. I don’t think she’s anywhere near as dumb as she’d have us believe either. On the subject of Sree, she pointed out that while he’s been very critical of their attire, “it’s ok for him to walk round in his Y-Fronts and jump in the bath and for them to go see through.”

Well said! Now maybe you just need to say it to him and get your butts off the kitchen worktops…

I felt rather sorry for Angel last night when she had her one-woman Russian themed birthday party in the diary room. She was clearly touched by the gesture but what happened to housemates having a party altogether when it’s someone’s birthday?? The poor moo sat there opening her Russian doll gifts and bopping along to something sombre and Russian by way of music and it was really very sad and would’ve only served to isolate her more surely?

Anyway, tonight’s the night when we get to see who leaves, Halfwit or Sophia. I’ll be keeping everything crossed that Sophia goes. Her narcissism needs denting and I hope it’s royally bashed about tonight! I can’t wait!


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  • Natalie

    *Shocked* ones gone already! Bloody el I must start paying more attention too

    this! and make you right about Halfwit smoking..He surley dosent really smoke. Id have too say something like ……./… :o)

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