BB10: Weekend Round Up

Siavash has had trouble going to the loo all week…

I think it’s fair to say that all the housemates were shocked that Cairon left on Friday but what really shocked me was how he kept his jeans up given that they were actually almost round his knees! If that’s fashion, thank God I’m not remotely fashionable!

I couldn’t believe Siavash’s OTT reaction either; the way he wept, wailed and prostrated himself on the floor was ridiculous, but it’s not taken him long to get over it has it?? He hasn’t so much as mentioned Cairon since Friday that I’m aware of!

Then came Cider Gate when almost everyone thought Angel had pilfered five cans of cider. The finger pointed squarely at the Russian housemate because it seems, she’s something of a magpie and nicks stuff that she can later barter with. According to several of the housemates, she’s previously made off with biccys and booze so when the five cans couldn’t be found, not unreasonably, Kris reckoned it was Angel.

“Ah haway pet, you can’t afford to lose this much body fluid..”

She wasn’t impressed and continually denied taking the cider and sure enough, Freddie appeared and blamed “man fridge blindness” on the fact that the five cans hadn’t gone anywhere and were in fact in the fridge door. This prompted Angel to take her anger out on a chair which she then kicked over before stomping off for a cry in the bedroom. However, Charlie was on hand to calm her down and offer hugs and a less than manly shoulder to cry on.

Later on in the weekend, things got decidedly gruesome between Charlie and Angel when he simulated a loving kiss with her. It made me heave… He climbed on top of her and moved in for a kiss. She ran her fingers through his hair and seemed genuinely aroused; it was uber creepy.

“Noirin! Noirin! I am making love to this broom and pretending it is you. Hon-estly”

Equally as flesh crawling was Sree’s behaviour over the weekend. It began with his ‘dancing’ to the music BB played into the house while the housemates cleaned. His constant yelling to Noirin, “Look! Look!” while he all but made love to his broom was icky, as was his rubbing his crotch up against Sophie/Dogface the whole time. It really was hideous.

Apropos of Sree and Noirin, he’s really gone into bunny boiler territory over her now hasn’t he? We saw on Friday how he upset her by having a dig at Marcus over his breath – which most housemates seem to agree is rank – solely because he was sitting next to Noirin while Sree himself was outcast on another sofa.

Sree’s attempts over the weekend to talk to Noirin came to a head when he finally persuaded her to talk to him in the garden. He waffled on endlessly about nothing until her patience was just about ready to snap. They had a heated debate, he sort of apologised and then, completely disregarding half of what she’d just said, asked her to sit on his knee and kiss him! He’s a nutty as a fruit cake that man and he really just will not get the message.

He even had Lisa doing the running to Noirin thing for him and she, stupidly, agreed. First she informed Noirin that Sree wanted to talk to her, to which she replied – more or less – tell him to sod off. Then Lisa told her he really, really wanted to talk to her but not in front of the others, to which she replied – more or less – tell him to sod off. Lisa needs to grow up as much as he does in that regard; it was like watching 12 year olds!

“Oh my God… Your breath is like that of taxi driver of my country…”

Meantime, Marcus is growing ever closer to Noirin and his ego is growing ever bigger too. Did you hear how he went on about how well he’d done in the Speaking Russian task? What a jumped up tool! I wish BB had told him he in fact got one wrong, but it seems they didn’t.

We also saw how he’s making a present for Noirin out of a cut up cider can – he clearly knows how to woo a girl. Cut up cider cans? Why, that’s as good as diamonds in my book… not! He and Sree are arguing on a daily basis now it seems with the object of their affections, Noirin, stuck in the middle. And both are as bad as each other as far as I can tell. They’re both inappropriate with their constant hugging and touching her and Marcus’s permanent going on about her boobs and arse is just boring now. Not that it was ever very interesting to begin with.

Talking of romance, we saw Freddie/Halfwit in the diary room doing his “wow man!” routine and declaring he’d spotted something fishy about Sophie and Kris’s supposed relationship. He seemed to think he was the only person to have seen right through their fake romance but of course, we’ve all known it’s fake from the get go. And it clearly is. Despite their many attempts to convince us otherwise with their bathing together, touchy feelyness and general trying really hard, there’s clearly no chemistry there, or anything else for that matter.

Anyway, it looks like we’ve got an interesting week in store this week following the news in today’s Sun newspaper that BB is going to make the housemates nominate in front of each other this week, live on air on Wednesday. I can’t wait! See you tomorrow for more news, recaps, bitching and ranting 🙂

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  • Natalie

    Teeeheeee…..Oh Seree proper makes me cringe, but I just cant help laughing

    at the way he talks , when his being serious… his english cracks me up!

    Like when he said “please stop that” Iv got a lot of headake” (funny)

    Well, Iv got to say today..Freddies growing on me.. I know! but his harmless, no evil, or nastiness, and he did look proper gutted for Cairon Friday (Bless) 🙂

    I dont want him to be up this week…we`l see though.


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