Celebrities Turn Anonymous In New ITV1 Prank Show

Celebrities take time out from fame to play tricks on their fans and famous friends by donning cunning disguises in a new ITV1 show.

In Anonymous, presented by Stephen Mulhern, three celebrities will wear prosthetic disguises to carry out gags on unsuspecting members of the public.

Their new ‘characters’ will then perform an elaborate prank on one of their celebrity friends.

The one-off special, made by Tiger Aspect Productions, will see celebrities acting as they have never done so before.

A sporting legend transforms into a well to do theatre luvvie to stitch up his England team mate; a soap star goes on set of the drama she works on disguised as an Essex WAG to fool her cast mates; and a music mogul and talent show judge ages 20 years to fool his music acts.

Stephen Mulhern will take them through the transformation process and help them create their new identity in the one hour show. He will also guide them through the mischievous pranks every step of the way with the help of an earpiece and a microphone.

John Kaye Cooper, controller of entertainment for ITV, said: “It’s fascinating to see how some of our best known celebrities are rendered unrecognisable by their disguises and just how they are treated when they are anonymous.

“Fame counts for nothing if nobody knows who you are and this show provides great comedy moments and an insight into the lives of some of TV’s most famous faces.”

Anonymous was commissioned by controller of entertainment John Kaye Cooper for ITV1. The executive producers are Deborah Sargeant and Clive Tulloh and the series producer is Richard Cook.

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  • Anonymous

    The new show Anonymous. Which it is not becasue this type of show done before in the past by Noel Endmonds and Friday/Sunday night project and other people. Can’t ITV done something new not a OLD format and give it to another person to host who is not doing much not Stepehn Mulhern becasue he should do better work for ITV not rubbish tv that done before.

    So ITV give Stepehn Mulhern a beter show like his own Magic Show then we know how talented he realy is not some old rubbish.

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