Kingdom: S03E03

Sunday, 21 June 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Peter is working late when a brick comes through the window, announcing the arrival of the latest member of the Kingdom family – a guinea pig who turns out to have been liberated from the local medical research facility. Meanwhile, family tensions are running high for Nicky (Jaye Griffiths), a technician from the lab, and her highly principled teenage daughter, Donna, who’s taken up the hobby of breaking into the lab to sabotage her mother’s work. This leaves Nicky with the choice between career and daughter, but it’s much more complicated than it appears to be.

Beatrice’s school fees fund for Petra is now being supplemented by some rather convenient work from home – she’s unashamedly running a sex line, much to the embarrassment of all who grace the office and overhear her candid phone conversations.

Nigel, in his new role as a relationship counsellor, is presented with an odd challenge. A group of nuns are being forced to abandon their ramshackle convent and want help coping with the split. Nigel turns to Lyle, who seeks to relocate the nuns, whilst also trying to save their convent from the developers. The only residence he can find for them is the rooms above the Startled Duck – which alarms Ted at first, but their work ethic soon pleases him. After a near-death experience, Lyle is spiritually galvanised to help the nuns, whatever the risk.

As he battles the unscrupulous developer, the nuns settle in to the pub, and by the time Lyle saves the day, they’ve adjusted to life outside their convent and decided that God’s will is that they leave the convent – having secured a whopping great price for it from the developer.

Meanwhile the relationship between the lab technician and her daughter is breaking down even further. Donna wants her mother fired from the lab, and doesn’t mind breaking the law to achieve this. Nicky wants to spend every waking moment working, because the rare genetic disorder she’s researching killed her husband and, we eventually discover, has been passed down to her daughter. The ultimate choice is: does she work every minute she has trying to save her daughter, or does she spend every minute she can with her daughter, knowing her days are numbered? A complex legal and moral case, Peter does his best to steer the protagonists undamaged into open waters.

Beatrice’s sex line is slowly going beyond a joke and she herself suddenly crashes down to earth when she recognises the voice of one of her clients… and it’s none other than Petra’s father. She’s outraged! What on earth is he doing calling sex lines? Time to spill the beans about the identity of Petra’s father which she has so far kept secret.

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