Kingdom: S03E04

Sunday, 28 June 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Jack plays Judge Jeremy Harding, an affluent lawyer and secret philanderer who is convinced he is being blackmailed by a mystery woman out to destroy his reputation in episode four.

“He is a bit of a local roué that darts between Norfolk and London. He has got a wife but she is more interested in her watercolour painting then she is in him. As a result, Jeremy has got quite a complicated private life.

“During the course of the story he is being blackmailed, which is why he turns to Peter Kingdom in the first place to help him out. He is in quite a state because he believes he is being watched.

“Peter Kingdom investigates and discovers there is rather more to the story than Jeremy thinks there is. Without giving too much away, the source of the blackmailing is closer to home than he imagined.”

Jack Dee is well known for his sardonic, dead pan comedy, radio and television presenting, writing and numerous acting roles. He has never been tempted to swap is career in the arts for a job as a lawyer.

“I wouldn’t have the memory power to be a lawyer. I’d also find it very difficult prosecuting people. I don’t think I’d enjoy that even though people might think it to be my natural tendency!

“I wouldn’t attempt to defend Jeremy Harding in any way! He is the kind of person who loves a life that suits him and it doesn’t seem to matter if it suits anyone else or not. He is the type to have a girl in every port and he likes it that way. It is a very difficult life to maintain without trouble bubbling up in one place or another all the time.

“To some extent he is a hypocrite. He is sitting there as a judge when in fact he really isn’t in a position to judge anyone because of his own personal record.

“He’s not a malevolent man or a bad person; I just think he is a bit of a rascal who hasn’t grown up. His worst crime is that he is arrogant and thinks he can live like that without any repercussions but of course he can’t.”

Jack Dee shot to fame in the early 1990s, scooping the British Comedy Award for Best Stage Newcomer in 1991. Since then he has won the British Comedy Award for Best Stand-up Comedian (1997) and was nominated for a BAFTA for Jack Dee Live at the Apollo in 2006.

Jack has also starred in dramas such as Silent Witness, Dalziel and Pascoe and Jonathan Creek, and written and starred in hit show Lead Balloon. He is currently writing a book called Thanks For Nothing about his life in comedy. Despite his busy schedule, Jack confesses he was overjoyed when he was offered the role in Kingdom.

“I’m really lucky that I’ve got variety in my work. Acting work is a bonus to what I normally do and it’s great when a job like Kingdom comes up. I enjoy my work but doing that as a job is what I call the icing on the cake.

We may not have seen the last of Judge Jeremy Harding in Kingdom. There is a surprise in store for our viewers…

“Without giving too much away, there are repercussions from a previous relationship that Jeremy had with Peter Kingdom’s sister Beatrice, played by Hermione Norris.

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