Mitchell and Webb are BACK!

Possibly Britain’s most popular comedy duo, David Mitchell and Robert Webb return to our screens this week with a new third series of That Mitchell and Webb Look.

Mitchell and WebbMuch is expected from this hard-working double act, so much so that a fourth series has already been commissioned.

It’s not clear if previous favourites such as impenetrable quiz show Numberwang will return, or even the Helivets or the sketch where a hostage negotiator and an adult movie scriptwriter share an office – but we do know that Devils Gallop-humming Sir Digby Chicken-Ceasar will return, still believing himself to be a classical detective hero rather than the meths-soaked tramp that he is.

Captain Todger is a new character meanwhile, described as the least politically correct superhero on Earth, while The Quiz Broadcast combines a Survivors like post-apocalyptic “Event” with a quiz show, where the prizes are oil, food and water!

“Get Me Hennimore” harkens back to 1970s TV cop shows and features a policeman with a boss David Mitchell describes as “a terrifying man in the mould of CJ from Reginald Perrin” (presumably the classic 1970s version).

Mitchell and Webb are regarded as highly for their one-off sketches, which this time around include a look at the mysterious futuristic cult of Vectron, a religion that accidentally began following a misunderstanding as well as a JML/Innovations catalogue pastiche called Jan Hankl’s Flank Pat™, an innovative new way to find books on a shelf.

As ever they’re joined by Olivia Colman, James Bachman and Paterson Joseph in a variety of straight roles throughout the sketches, while writing duties are shared between Mitchell and webb and a small team that also features Peep Show writers Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain.

That Mitchell and Webb Look airs this Thursday, June 11th on BBC Two at 10pm.

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