New 3 Part Drama Coming to ITV1 - Single Handed

Filmed entirely on location in the majestic region of Connemara in the West of Ireland, ITV’s new three-part drama reflects one policeman’s quest to serve a rural community – Single handed..

Jack Driscoll (Owen McDonnell), a Sergeant with the Irish police, is completely at home in his new patch; he ought to be as he was born and brought up there.  He knows the people, he knows the West of Ireland and, more importantly, he knows how the two fit together.  But this is no cushy posting; Jack’s ‘patch’ stretches from the Atlantic coast in the West to the glacial lakes in the East, from Galway City in the South to Killary harbour in the North – he’s on call 24-hours a day and, more often than not, he’s single-handed.

From the team that brought you ITV’s award winning drama The Vice, SINGLE-HANDED explores how policing a rural community differs from city policing.  Your precinct is vast, the terrain extreme and the community lives on the edge.  You are always on duty.  There’s nowhere to hide.

Stationed more than 40 miles from his superior officers and with specialist backup hours away, Jack is used to thinking on his feet.  In circumstances like these, normal procedures are always under pressure and often bypassed altogether, but Jack has the shadow of his predecessor hanging over him.  His father Gerry (Ian McElhinney – Little Dorrit, Closing the Ring, Rough Diamond) has only recently vacated the position and Jack’s methods are not necessarily the same…

The job has taught Jack one invaluable lesson – when the going gets tough, the only person you can rely on is yourself.  Fortunately, the life suits him.

Guest starring in SINGLE-HANDED are Caroline Catz (Doc Martin), Charlene Mckenna (Raw), Stuart Graham (Hunger) and Ruth McCabe (The Street).

Rob Pursey, managing director of Touchpaper TV, says: “Touchpaper are delighted to be launching a new series on ITV1.  Single-Handed brings an ITV audience the wonderful, atmospheric landscape of Western Ireland, three intriguing stories – and a fascinating new lead actor in the form of Owen McDonnell.”

SINGLE-HANDED is made by Touchpaper Television, part of the RDF Media Group.  It is written by Barry Simner (The Vice, Midsomer Murders, Holby City), directed by Colm McCarthy (Spooks, Murphy’s Law) and Anthony Byrne (Wild Decembers) and  produced by Clare Alan (A Harlot’s Progress, Wild Decembers, A Most Mysterious Murder). Rob Pursey (Being Human, Murderland, City of Vice) is the executive producer.  

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