Not Exactly Brain Surgery

Robert Webb and David Mitchell returned with a third series of That Mitchell and Webb Look this week with a new set characters and some great new sketches.

Among the highlights of the return of this much-loved duo was a bizarre game show from a post-apocalyptic future, a spoof of The Apprentice that managed to cover new ground in its mirroring of Sir Alan Sugar as a bit vague and two wonderful new ways of doing things.

The first was Robert Webb’s sketch alter-ego inventing a replacement for the doorbell, and running it by David Mitchell’s sketch alter-ego (as per sketch show convention, these characters are called Robert and David but are caricatures that play on their worst traits; they’re quite like the characters from Peep Show.) Mitchell sensibly judges that tying a note to a dog and catapulting it through someone’s window isn’t a suitable replacement for the doorbell, and Webb’s reaction is superb.

Also of quality was the Austrian (Webb) who patents both the habit of tapping your hands on your thighs while looking for something on a shelf, and the making scissor movements with your fingers when looking for scissors.

My own personal favourite however was Robert Webb at a party as an obnoxious brain surgeon who is more than happy to announce that what he does is more important and demanding than say an accountant or a charity worker.  The sketch which was beautifully rounded up – with the punchline delivered a good 30 seconds after it was clearly signposted, but performed with such perfect timing from David Mitchell – watch it below.

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