Robin Hood – Clive Standen, New Lead?

Jonas Armstrong’s departure from Robin Hood has been public knowledge for several months and while the BBC have refused to comment on the shows future, three contenders have come forward to replace the actor as the focus of the show.

While Robin is likely to die at the end of the third series, it’s possible the BBC will continue the show with a new lead actor in much the way the classic 1980s ITV series Robin of Sherwood overcame the death of commoner Robin (Michael Praed) with the introduction of gentry Robin (Jason Connery).

So who are the contenders?

1.    Most obvious by far is Robin and Gisbourne’s shared half brother Archer, played by Clive Standen. Initially a mercenary loner, he was impressed enough with Tuck, John and Kate’s show of defiance against Sherrif Lady Gisbourne in episode 12 to swap sides and join the struggle against Prince John toadying and tyranny in Nottingham.

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisbourne

2.    Guy of Gisbourne. While it would fly in the face of every Robin Hood legend, Gisbourne and Robin’s history has already been rewritten, with them now distantly related by way of Archer. Gisbourne has already shown he is willing to act for the group as a whole, but whether or not he will want to continue life as an outlaw or even be trusted by the band of men is another matter entirely.

3.    Baby Robin. In Locksley village, a baby was born earlier in series 3 to a young couple who were saved by the outlaw Robin. They named their baby after him – and wouldn’t a 20 year gap be a perfect setting for a reboot as the English throne is once more threatened from within, tyranny reigns across the lands and a brave young man steps forward to overturn the horrific rule of those that defeated the original Hood.

It’s a fascinating set of contenders, but one thing is for sure – we’ll be closer to the answer by 7.30pm on Saturday night.

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