The Royal: S07E10

Sunday, 21 June 2009, 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Susie (Sarah Beck Mather) and Carnegie’s (Robert Cavanah) relationship is the talk of the hospital. Marian (Kari Corbett) is stunned when she discovers Susie didn’t sleep in her bed last night and wastes no time in filling in Lizzie (Michelle Hardwick). Meanwhile, Jack (Gareth Hale) is shocked when he spots Susie and Carnegie kissing in the back of Carnegie’s steamed up Jaguar!

Elsewhere, Rose (Denis Lill) is enjoying a round of golf with his old friend Bill Parmitter (Roger Butcher) when Bill collapses. Rose examines him on the green and discovers he has a hernia and suggests he come into The Royal for a quick operation later that day.

Dr Burnett (Damien O’Hare) gets called out to see Judith (Sian Breckin) who’s eight months pregnant. She’s been renovating her house before the new arrival but she and her cat have fallen ill. Burnett suggests she come to hospital for rest and observation, he’s concerned she’s over-exerting herself. However, when they arrive at The Royal, Burnett receives a call informing him that Judith’s cat has died of lead poisoning caused by the old paint in the house. Have Judith and her baby also been poisoned?

In theatre, Rose and Ormerod (Robert Daws) are doing a routine operation on Bill Parmitter’s hernia but they’re stunned when he suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. The team fail to resuscitate Parmitter, despite Rose’s desperate attempts to bring his friend back to life. A distraught Rose is forced to break the news to Bill’s wife, who’s furious that Rose pushed him into an operation he wasn’t fit to have. Will Rose lose his job and his friend in one day?

Back on the ward the next day, Judith’s blood test results come back and confirm that she has lead poisoning. However, just as Burnett is about to tell her what long-term damage this could do to her baby she goes into premature labour. Will the baby survive? And if it does, will the lead poisoning affect its health?

Meanwhile, Ormerod and Bobby (Christopher Coghill) respond to an emergency call, a farmer is trapped under a combine harvester and his torso and legs are crushed. Bobby and Ormerod try and hold the machine off him until the fire brigade arrive, but they’re failing and the situation is desperate. With nothing to lose, Bobby tries lifting the combine with the hydraulic bale-lifter he spots on the field and eventually manages to free the critically injured farmer. He’s rushed to the hospital and Rose and Ormerod immediately begin surgery on his ruptured liver and spleen. After yesterday’s disaster, Rose has been doubting whether he’s still fit to do his job and is terrified about losing yet another patient.

Meanwhile, Marian’s hurt when Burnett dashes her hopes of a marriage proposal and merely asks her to move in with him. Does he see her as marriage material or just a casual fling?

Lizzie’s thrilled when Nev (Oliver Farnworth), the hippy builder, returns with a broken ankle. She devotes herself to taking care of him, and tries her hand at vegan cookery! Eventually Neville comes clean – his body’s a temple, but he’d do anything for fish and chips.

When Susie shows up for her shift late yet again and gives all the patients the wrong false teeth, Matron (Wendy Craig) decides to suspend her, claiming she‘s throwing away her career for a ridiculous affair. Susie’s stunned and protests that she can do what she wants in her private life. However, Matron refuses to listen and orders her niece out of the hospital. Will Susie leave The Royal for good?

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