The Street: S03E06 Synopsis

Back in the cash-strapped McEvoy household, Margie (Ger Ryan) has moved in temporarily with her daddy (Tony Rohr) to take care of him after his stroke. Daughter Leanne (Lindzey Cocker), unable to cope on her own with baby Edward, has gone along too, leaving Eddie (Timothy Spall) and David (James Varley) home alone.

Eddie’s distraught and begs Margie not to go because daddy doesn’t deserve his daughter’s help because he hit both her and her mother. Because of his year driving ban, Eddie now works in control at Alpha Zero Cabs alongside new girl, Sandra (Ruth Jones). She’s a real plain Jane, but has set her sights on kind-hearted Eddie. Noticing that he’s hopeless at looking after himself, she starts making his lunches for him. She asks him over to fix a broken window pane in her flat and cooks him a meal.

Desperate for cash, Eddie tries to sell his taxi plate. Bomber (Lee Boardman) agrees to pay £30,000. Bomber shows up at Eddie’s with 28 grand saying he won’t get any more than that for cash at the moment. Times are hard, the job’s not what it used to be. Furious that Bomber has tried to cheat him, Eddie throws him out. When Eddie tells Margie he rejected Bomber’s 28 grand, she says she loves him and she’s really proud.

He begs her to come home, but she won’t leave her dad. Meanwhile, Sandra lures Eddie round again and Eddie’s kind heart gets him into deep water. Before too long Margie comes home and Eddie and the family start to regain their equilibrium, but when Eddie takes Margie to dinner to talk frankly fate intervenes with heart-breaking consequences.

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