The WotWots: Stretch and Grow

Weekdays at 7.00am

The delightful preschool series about the adventures of two soft puppet-like aliens continues. From the creative minds of the Academy Award-winning Weta Workshop (‘Jane and the Dragon’), the WotWots mixes CGI animation and live action to create a colourful world that celebrates the joy of discovery. The series is narrated by dulcet-toned TV and radio veteran Nicholas Parsons. Five’s Fiona Lewis provides the voice for the computer.

Big-hearted brother and sister aliens the WotWots have come to explore planet Earth in their steam- powered spaceship. They land in a local zoo, scoot around on steam-powered hover-chairs and delight in discovering all the exotic animals they can spot. Communicating in their own vibrant alien language, the WotWots constantly wonder who they are and what they will look like when they are fully-grown adults. Will they look like any of the zoo animals they find on their mission? As well as narrating, Nicholas Parsons interprets the WotWots on behalf of the viewer, asking them questions and explaining their replies.

Sister DottyWot is the more patient and considered of the two WotWots, piloting the ship and its computer through a musical keyboard. DottyWot is very supportive of her brother, although he does test her patience at times! Brother SpottyWot is much more impulsive, preferring to leap first and think later. SpottyWot has a big whiteboard and likes to express his ideas with imaginative drawings.

From fluffy polar bears to trumpeting elephants, and beady-eyed crocodiles to stretchy meerkats, SpottyWot and DottyWot explore the extraordinary diversity of planet Earth through alien eyes.

On Monday, in ‘Stretch and Grow’, SpottyWot doesn’t like doing stretches like his sister. But when he learns it can make him tall and straight he finds an animal that can show him how to stretch.

Tuesday’s show is ‘Sneaky Squawky’. SpottyWot is upset when his brightest shiny crayons go missing. His sister tracks them down for him, but getting them back again might not be the right thing to do.

In ‘Twisty Sticks’ on Wednesday, SpottyWot is distressed when one of his antennae goes straight and spiky. DottyWot finds an animal that is proud to be covered in lots of straight, pointy spikes.

Thursday’s episode is ‘Skip-a-Lotty Wotty’. SpottyWot likes to skip and bounce and is delighted to discover he’s not the only one – the zoo is full of creatures that love to jump and bounce just like him.

And in ‘Bubblywots’ on Friday, the WotWots are surprised to hiccup some bubbles when they finish their loopy fruity drinks. They are even more surprised to find others are blowing bubbles too.

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