Three Part Drama Occupation Coming To BBC One

Basra, southern Iraq, 2003. Crammed inside a Warrior armed troop carrier, bullets and RPGs exploding around them, three British soldiers head into a hostile part of the city – and a world descending into chaos.

When they emerge from their vehicle, their lives spiral out of control. Their fates – and the destiny of Iraq itself – become inextricably linked and, united in war, the three men, and their friendships, are torn apart during the peace that follows.

Written by Peter Bowker, produced by Laurie Borg, executive produced by Derek Wax for Kudos Film and TV and directed by Nick Murphy, Occupation is a searingly powerful three-part BBC One drama that spans the five years following the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

It follows the lives of three soldiers and friends, first during the battle for Basra, then as they struggle to adapt to life back home and, finally, as very different forces draw them back to Iraq.

Occupation is the BBC’s first major drama set against the backdrop of the Iraq war, and is an unforgettable journey into the heart of the darkness that is conflict and its chaotic aftermath.

Starring James Nesbitt as Mike, Stephen Graham as Danny and Warren Brown as Hibbs, and broadcast in the wake of the British military’s recent withdrawal from Basra, it explores the impact war has on the lives of those who fight and what happens when cultures collide – not just in war, but in peace.

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