BB10: Day 28 Highlights

Deleted scene from Groucho Marx Does Birmingham

How childish and playground gang-like are Lisa and Kris and now Karly too?? In last night’s highlights show, we saw how, after gobbing off at Halfwit, Lisa had her say then refused to listen to what Freddie had to say. She was then backed up by Kris who said over and over again, “I’m not listening to you Freddie” like a three year old. The pair then started making “la la la” noises so they couldn’t hear what Halfwit was saying before stomping off into the house with Karly in tow. Jeez, grow up you sad acts!

Lisa and Kris are really obnoxious lately and I’m sick to death of hearing Lisa’s voice, especially when she’s yapping on endlessly about gameplans. Karly’s being a bit of a tool too; when she went nuclear over Halfwit saying she hadn’t made eye contact with him, I thought it was something of an overreaction, probably brought on by the lack of nicotine.

Now, fair enough, I didn’t like Halfwit much at first and he still irritates from time to time when he goes off on his peace and love cr*p, but overall, I think he’s trying to be reasonable; he’s always prepared to say to someone’s face what he says to others and he without doubt has the measure of most of them. And he never says anything that’s actually nasty or hurtful, unlike several others.

However, I don’t personally buy into this whole, “he/she has a gameplan” stuff; I never do. They’re all in it to win it, end of, and mostly, they’ll all do whatever it takes to do so, so why they must thrash that horse to death every year is beyond me. But I do agree with Halfwit that by befriending Sree, Lisa’s trying to be seen as the protector of the underdog. I don’t know that I believe that Lisa’s scheming to get Freddie out though; I don’t think she’s that intelligent, but I suppose I could be wrong.

And speaking of intelligence, have you noticed that most of them really struggle when they have to read aloud? Last night we saw Noirin having to read the instructions for her and Marcus’s task, and stumbling over every second word. Siavash did the same with the Tudor task. In fact, Marcus and Halfwit seem to be the only ones capable of reading aloud coherently.

Anyway, moving on, and I’m still trying to figure out why Rodrigo went all psycho during his play fight with Charlie on last night’s show… one minute they’re all giggly and fine, the next, he was coming over all Mafia and threatening Charlie that “you’ll never forget Rodrigo” and sulking over being “thrown into the glass.” Any clues what caused his turnabout? I really don’t get it because he was still smiling and laughing after he banged into the glass…

But on the subject of Charlie, I wonder if his backside hurts from perching on that fence all day? He’s trying to come across as everyone’s “fun” friend and is only making himself look a dork in the process. It’s obvious that he shares the general house opinion – and especially Kris’s – that Freddie’s a pain, but he won’t come out and say so.

I’m definitely feeling quite sorry for Halfwit now; especially since we saw Charlie saying to the others that if he was in Halfwit’s shoes and knew how much he was disliked, he’d leave. I guess it goes to show who’s the grown-up in there then eh? It really can’t be easy being around people 24/7 who have made it clear time and time again that they can’t stand you. However, in his diary room visit, Halfwit surprisingly said that it’d been “a good day” despite his numerous run-ins with various people, so perhaps he enjoys it? Or maybe he’s clinging to that old adage of ‘the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about’.

I hope he stays tonight, I really do. If only to p Lisa off 🙂

Well, I’m off for the weekend but I’ll be back on Monday with a round up of the weekend’s BB news. Have a good one!

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