Bring Back Shortland Street!

Between 1994 – 2000 and in 2003 New Zealand’s longest running soap Shortland Street screened on ITV, but where is it now??

As much as I love Home & Away (& sometimes Neighbours), I miss NZ’s Shortland Street!

Whilst the show did used to be cringeworthy, it has much improved since 2007 and i think it’s time that it came back!

The storylines are strong, the acting has improved tenfold and the general look of the show is world class!

It’s not that hard to catch up on (maybe a 1 hour launch episode explaining some crucial info about it’s current storylines) but it would be great for the UK to see a Kiwi soap!


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  • Anonymous Guy in NEW ZEALAND

    Hey UK Fan (Glad your liking NZ’s favourite soap drama)

    In response to your rant, I recommend you to consult the issue directly towards TVNZ (Television New Zealand) not to iTV or Five networks. TVNZ is Shortland Streets’ main holder (and broadcaster) withholding all the distribution and programme rights than anyone else. Currently they are broadcasting both the new and begginning episodes of Shortland Street (on TV2 and TVNZ 6) plus you can get all the gossip and updates on Shortland Streets’ OFFICIAL WEBSITE at:

    Anyways use this direct contact link to send your inquiry to TVNZ:

    They would be happy to send you a quick response in about 3 to 5+ days long.


  • samfieldy

    emailed them and they missed the point and spoke about TVNZ On Demand which is only able to be seen in NZ!

    It’s a shame because the UK can relate Australia to Home and Away and yet there is nothing that represents NZ.

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