Did the final Psychoville leave you wanting?

I’ve devoured and enjoyed every single second of Psychoville (BBC Two) and last night saw the final episode… and there were a lot of questions that needed answering.

Who was the mysterious phone-caller with a murderous grudge? What happened with nurse Kenchington that brought the rag-tag bunch all together? What does Snappy the Beanie Baby have to do with anything? How about some pay-off for all those “bad-murders”?

To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t looked forward to a series finale like this for quite some time. I was positively gagging, hanging out of the window and yelling at passing traffic I was so filled with anticipation.

Have I learned nothing? You see, after such a build up, it was always going to be something of a let-down. Worse still, even taking a step back from my own idiotic giddiness, it was still something of a let-down.

You see, the answers didn’t really offer themselves and weirder yet, asked even more and left a viewing nation a bit nonplussed and wondering to themselves… “Is that it? Surely there’s going to be a second series now?”

With everyone getting blown into a mangled pulp by Mr Jolly’s explosive waistcoat (aka: a bloody great bomb strapped to his chest, terrorist style), it only left David, wondering around outside, confused with his watermelon. Robert, meanwhile was left in a Brother’s Grimm kitchen quite possibly about to be eaten by a witch.

The latter are the two biggest bets on survivors, but I wouldn’t bet against them all making it out of there alive. You have to tell yourself that because the whole thing felt like a huge set-up for a second series. If not, then I dare say a lot of people will feel cheated… me included.

Which is a shame because Psychoville has, thus far, been the best thing aired in 2009… and by some distance! Even in the closing show, there were some inspired moments, possibly topped by the moment we saw Lomax cackling, “This whole place will go up like a torch,” as he sprayed ketchup instead of white spirit on the walls.

Thankfully, even if last night’s show proves to be it for Psychoville, it won’t have been a wash out. It’s been a phenomenal show made with such care and precision that you wonder why anyone else bothers making television shows at all. It’s been a brilliant body of work and, greedily, I want more.

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  • Mexicansheep

    i agree with mofgimmer!

    Psychoville has been THE best thing on our screen in recent memory and friday nights in HD on iplayer made it all the better but with all the excellent things i could list about this show i must say the last episode ruined what was nearly a tv classic up there with the very best of original tv.

    I applaud the whole team for the only show ever to leave me asking the question
    “Would having your blood drained out via transfusion (sans the blood intake) hurt?”

    I loved the leauge of gentlemen and for the first time ever for me, i say let those guys write more!

    In summary, best thing on tv since brown came to power but a letdown at the end.

    Keep writing

  • The three of us have started an online campaign for Psychoville S2!

    “Here’s the mission, should you choose to accept it: Flood the internet with Psychoville LOVE! 😉

    Several forms of petitioning have already been implemented on the following sites:

    1) http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/we-want-psychoville-series-2

    We chose this site for the best overall experience (there was petition submitted on a different site, but that wasn’t working for us ) Those signing the petition have the option of writing a personal comment or letter outlining why you think Psychoville should be commissioned for a second series. You can also view the letter to the BBC that will be sent out once we reach – or near – the goal of 100,000 signatures. THAT’S RIGHT – 100,000!
    So hop, skip – or strut – over there and sign! Be sure to expound upon why you feel Psychoville S2 should be commissioned.

    2) Show your support on You Tube! Watch the fantastic cause videos created by TheModette at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpHVS9AnNEI &
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OkydxffQ3g & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx7682_D_c8 — and leave a comment or create your own fan/cause video response.

    3) Support We Want Psychoville Series 2 on Twitter: Add a ‘Twibbon’ to your Twitter pic – Go to http://twibbon.com/join/We-Want-Psychoville-Series-2-2
    Also, add http://twitter.com/WWPsychovilleS2 as a friend – receive progress updates on the petition, twibbon, and more.
    We’re all for trending, so let’s make #WeWantPsychovilleS2 a trending topic. Tack the hashtag on any tweet about the show.. or any tweet period. 😀

    4) And on Facebook there is a group set up called “Petition for the commission of Psychoville series 2” – So, be sure to join. (YES! We were beat to it, but that’s FINE!)

    5) The Red Raw Push is now on MySpace! Add us here – http://www.myspace.com/theredrawpush

    There is much more to come!

    Who knows if all of this will have an actual impact – but it’s great fun AND a chance to network with fellow fans of Psychoville and the Gents.

    If you have any questions or want to join us in the campaign – e-mail us @ WWPsychovilleS2@sbcglobal.net

    Thankee for your kind attention. x 😉

    If you have yet to sign the petition, we strongly encourage you to include why you want to see a Psychoville series 2 and/or some good words for the boys. We do understand some of you wish to remain anonymous. (Frankly, I’d try if I could get away with it.)
    Regardless of whether or not we reach our goal, we intend to make sure your words of appreciation are sent to Reece and Steve.

    Thankee for your support,
    Ellie, Mel, & Mellie”

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