Kingdom: S03E05

Sunday, 5 July 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Lyle’s mother appears with an allotment-sized plea for help, dragging Lyle back to Stockport with her. This is just as Peter is about to escape for a few quiet days fishing. But Lyle’s sudden departure leaves Peter cancelling his holiday in Scotland and having to hold the fort.

In Stockport, Lyle and his mum spring into action, trying to save the local allotments on which the council are about to build new houses. Lyle discovers the local gardeners have buried their collective head in the sand about the proposed development, and it’s now the eleventh hour for rescuing their treasured allotments.

Lyle has additional problems when his twin brothers are arrested. They’ve been caught, again, in the act of some green-fingered rebellion: Guerrilla gardening. Their Mum feels responsible, but laments to Lyle that she just doesn’t know what to do about the twins’ behaviour: it’s been so hard since their dad died.

Back at Kingdom HQ, Peter is somewhat distracted by the newly installed CCTV cameras which are following local residents’ every move. Also, Auriel enlists him to assist with interviewing for a new housekeeper at her place. It’s here that Peter finds himself in the garden with the rather charming Lisa, playing an enticing game of giant chess.

Meanwhile, Scott is caught in some surreptitious surveillance of his own relating to a female classmate – he’s webcamming the prettiest girl in his class – too scared to ask her out on a real date. This gets him suspended from school and leaves Gloria frazzled. Out and about, Scott notices the close attention the CCTV cameras are paying him. A creative protest at this lands him at the police station, where Scott tells Yelland he’s only being targeted because he’s wearing a hoodie and young people are being unfairly spied on.

When Lyle’s initial attempts to save the allotments prove fruitless, he puts in a call to Peter, who immediately heads to Stockport. His guidance gives Lyle some new ideas, and while he’s investigating those, Peter does some digging of his own. A little time with Lyle’s Mum in the family garden unearths some telling clues as to how the brothers have dealt with losing their dad. That’s not all Peter discovers – the rare orchids growing on site are about to save the day.

Back in Market Shipborough, Beatrice assists Nigel in his search for enlightenment about women – he’s got an exam coming up for his marriage guidance training and Beatrice is only too happy to school him in the mysteries of womankind.

Gloria has persuaded Scott’s teachers to let him back into school, and Scott has persuaded the object of his affection to go out with him. He has also put a community plan into action, and as Officer Yelland prepares to head home, he sees each CCTV camera view filling with an assembly of hooded locals. Not just the youngsters, everyone’s there, including Auriel and her elderly tenants, and Peter. The cameras spin furiously and helplessly. Mission accomplished.

Back at Auriel’s, she and Peter interview job candidates. All are hopeless… until Lisa arrives – the woman Peter has been playing chess with in the garden. Lisa gets the job – she’s perfect for it. As celebrations to welcome her get underway at the Startled Duck, Peter starts to feel unwell, and at the moment a toast is made, he collapses.

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