Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Country Crossover

Friday 3rd July 10.00pm

Continuing this week is the sixth season of the ‘Law & Order’ spin-off following New York’s Major Case Squad. In this episode, Logan and Wheeler investigate the murder of a record producer. Suspicion falls on a bouncer at a nearby club until an aspiring singer and her husband enter the frame.

Logan and Wheeler respond when successful record producer Curtis Gold is found dead outside his studio. The ME reports that Curtis was felled by a blow to the face and one to his side. “You telling me somebody killed him with two punches?” Logan asks. It transpires that Curtis had a disease that rendered him susceptible to internal bleeding. “The guy was beyond fragile – he was brittle,” Rodgers explains.

The question remains – did the killer know about Curtis’s condition or was his death an accident? Logan and Wheeler question May Daltrie, an aspiring singer who was recording with Curtis on the night of his death. May reveals that Curtis was visited in the studio by an intimidating bouncer named Goro who works at the club across the street. Curtis apparently refused to listen to Goro’s demo tape. Did this give the disgruntled bouncer motive for murder?

Logan and Wheeler are warned to take extra precautions when they go to meet Goro, only to find the softly spoken giant is keen to help them. “I’m ready to join your investigation,” he says. Goro possesses a deep-seated sense of justice and has even styled himself as a type of vigilante. “He’s crazy as a loon,” is Logan’s verdict, but Ross turns down his request to detain the bouncer, owing to a lack of evidence. “What do you want me to do? Ask the DA to hold him on suspicion of being a large, scary black man?” Ross asks sardonically.

Nonetheless, the detectives are soon able to tie Goro to an execution-style double homicide at another club. When charged with the crime, Goro admits that he killed the two men. “They sold drugs and defiled women in my club,” he says. “It was a just thing to do.” Logan and Wheeler suspect the club’s owner, Seamus Flaherty (Griffin Dunne), put Goro up to the crime, but the bouncer insists otherwise: “He didn’t need to. I knew what had to be done.”

However, Goro continues to plead innocent to the murder of Curtis Gold and appears to have an alibi. Suspicion then falls on May Daltrie’s husband, Zach, when it emerges that his wife was having an affair with the producer. Another bouncer at the club admits that he tipped Zach off about May’s infidelity. Zach swore that he would scare Curtis away from his wife. “By ‘scare’, he meant to talk to him,” says the bouncer.

It seems likely that Zach became involved in a violent confrontation with Curtis, little realising that one punch could kill him. But the case is further complicated when the cops go to arrest Zach and his wife abruptly confesses. “I can’t let you do this when it was me!” May cries. “I did it!” Both husband and wife stick to their stories, creating a headache for prosecutors. “They each have reasonable doubt,” ADA Kent points out.

The detectives must find a way to force one spouse to betray the other – and Logan believes May is the easier target. “It’s May whose loyalty is shaky,” he says. “She betrayed Zach once, she’d do it again in a Nashville minute.” Enlisting the help of Seamus Flaherty, the cops lay a trap for the would-be singer. With the promise of fame and fortune on the horizon, will she sell her hapless husband down the river – and incriminate herself in the process?

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