Psychoville: The best thing on TV

Forget The Wire, the best thing being shown on absolutely any functioning television set in the entire world right now is Psychoville. Created by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, one half of the team who brought us The League of Gentlemen, here we have a show that features mental illness, murder, Hitchcock tributes, abuse, novelty pop act Black Lace and walls smeared in faeces.

So why is it so spleen rupturingly funny?

Comparisons with The League of Gentleman are unfair but unavoidable. Fact is, both shows had an uncanny ability to make you laugh your lungs up through your nose at the most depressing and downright unsettling scenes.

Psychoville, like the last series of its predecessor is not only hilarious, but incredibly well thought out and rich in smarts. It’s a phenomenal achievement. I can’t recall any other writing team that put such research into making a show, especially astonishing given that this is a comedy show.

The level which the characters know the back story is sensational, especially David and Maureen and their knowledge of mass murderers. Yet, it’s still more than just a clever comedy programme.

There’s a very real Whodunnit? running, which has got me (one of those yakking idiots who is really good at seeing the outcome of a show before it’s happened) absolutely stumped and enthralled.

All the characters are linked by a series of letters and phone calls from a mysterious character who Knows What They’ve Done and a Beanie Baby plush toy is looming large in the plot. Why? I’ve got no idea at all.

Moments in the show feel richer than feature films, whilst other segments are pure theatre, in the truest sense of the word. The characters are oddly believable in this parallel universe and the whole thing hangs in the balance with more tension than a harp string. It’s phenomenal television.

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I've been writing about TV for a long time. I love it and loathe it in equal measures. I'm pretty sure the TV feels the same away about me too.
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