The Royal: S07E06

Sunday, 26 July 2009, 7:00PM – 8:00PM

Weatherill (Amy Robbins) and Ormerod (Robert Daws) have returned from Ireland and are back at The Royal, much to everyone’s relief. However, Sister Brigid (Linda Armstrong) is put out that Weatherill has come to work so soon and has left baby Aisling with a nanny who they’ve only just met. Is she regretting her decision to let them adopt her niece? Will she let them get on with raising Aisling and stop interfering?

Elsewhere, Jack (Gareth Hale) is convinced there’s smuggler’s gold hidden in the cliffs underneath the hospital and has acquired an old map of The Royal to find it. Meanwhile, Carol (Diana May) is smitten with her new boyfriend, Paul (Matthew Steer) but is surprised when 16 year old school girl, Julie (Amy Mogan), storms in to the hospital and tells her to keep her hands off him – he’s her boyfriend. Is Carol’s boyfriend hiding something?

Meanwhile, a family picnic on the beach turns dangerous when a young boy, Gary (Reece Abbott) climbs up the cliff face and loses his footing. Ormerod and Ralph (Neil McDermott) respond to the call and find Gary unconscious on a ledge. As Ormerod is winched down by the coastguard with a stretcher, the cliff face starts to crumble onto Gary. Ralph calls up to Ormerod to tell him he’s not helping, but before Ormerod has chance to think Gary starts climbing up the cliff to shield Gary. Ormerod reaches them and they quickly get a collar on unconscious Gary, but when Ralph loses his footing and falls, Ormerod grabs him and they swing 30 feet above the beach, held only by the harness. Gary is rushed to The Royal, will he survive? And will Ormerod forgive Ralph for taking such a risk?

Carol confronts Paul about Julie and believes him when he claims it’s nothing to worry about – she’s one of his pupils who probably did it as a dare. However, when Weatherill returns from an emergency call at the school with Julie on a stretcher after taking an overdose, she’s worried about how much Paul is to blame…

Jack (Gareth Hale) and Alun (Andy Wear) are busy digging for gold in the hospital basement, but Jean (Glynis Barber) is on to them. As she and Matron (Wendy Craig) enter the basement demanding to know what’s going on, Alun hits a pipe which explodes covering them all in sewage!

Meanwhile, Matron’s worried about Margo Price (Gabrielle Drake), she’s a highly respected fundraiser for the hospital, who heads up the League of Friends committee, but Matron’s noticed she seems unwell. Ormerod runs some tests on her and suspects she may have a heart condition which is caused by syphilis. Her husband seems so loyal to her, but has he been unfaithful?

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