Bill Bailey Goes Bird Watching For Sky1

Since Springwatch (and Autumnwatch) hit our screens, everyone has been keen to show off just how much they like feeding the animals of nature and the like… leaving berries out for stoats and getting little nut holders for sparrows.

Sky1, eager to show us all that they’re not just cold mercinaries, are getting all cuddly and have announced today that they are starting production of Bill Bailey’s Big Bird Watch.

Unsurprisingly, Bill is a bird enthusiast (as well as being a comedian and star of Black Books, Nevermind The Buzzcocks). Sometimes, he gives the impression that he’s been living in a hedgerow, glaring at eggs.

Apparently, the RSPB has reported a huge increase in young Ornithologists, with over six million Brits claiming that they have twitched (I hope that doesn’t include anyone with Parkinson’s) and celebrities as diverse as Cameron Diaz, Steve Jones and Mick Jagger are said to be enthusiasts of our feathered friends.

As such, Bill Bailey will look to open the lid on this growing phenomenon. He said: “I’m really excited to be involved in this project. It will be great fun – highly competitive, really informative and very, very beautiful.”

Competitive? Apparently the show will get teams with expert captains and the like and set them challenges and dish out forfeits. Sounds… well… slightly odd.

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