Harper's Island brings the horror to BBC Three

BBC Three, normally, is a complete waste of space. It’s the soiled pants in the deep end of the pool in TV world. It gave us shows like Help! I Only Eat Chips!, I Lived Like A Pig For A Week and Here’s A Fictional Look At What Your Child Will Look Like In The Future If You Only Feed It Haribo.

However, something is on the horizon which looks like it actually might be pretty good. It’s a brand new drama and called Harper’s Island. The show is a 13 episode long horror drama, which gives us 25 suspects… and only one of them is The Killer.

The Beeb acquired the show from CBS Paramount International Television. The show had more than 10 million viewers tuning in to witness the premiere in the USA and it ranked number one in the time slot among homes and total viewers, and was CBS.com’s biggest online premiere ever.

Sounds great doesn’t it? So what is it about?

A group of family and friends gathers on a secluded island off the coast of Washington State to attend a week long wedding celebration… but the island’s history as the location of a mass killing casts a shadow over the joyous event and sets the stage for a new mystery. Abby Mills (Elaine Cassidy, pictured above), still haunted by the vivid and persistent nightmares of her mother’s murder, journeys home to Harper’s Island for the first time since the horrific incident to celebrate the marriage of her childhood best friend Henry Dunn (Christopher Gorham) to Trish Wellington (Katie Cassidy), a beautiful, innocent heiress.

The wedding party assembles blissfully unaware that visiting Harper’s Island will trigger terror and death amidst the nuptial festivities. Over 13 episodes, Harper’s Island will unravel a twisted tale of murder and revenge as visitors and locals alike – each with their own motives, fears and desires – come to realise they face a deadly threat and must discover the killer’s identity before they strike again.

I’m excited because Elaine Cassidy is returning to our screens alone. She was brilliant in the vastly underrated Ghost Squad (C4) and… well… I developed a ridiculous crush on her which I may never be able to shake off. Mercifully, she’s a great actress too.

This could be one of the surprise hits of the year and I’m looking forward to seeing it greatly!

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