Has comedy gone stale? Vic Reeves thinks so...

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are returning to our screens next week with Shooting Stars. Not only that, they’re eschewing the commissioners and over sensitive editors (blame Wossy etc) by putting the second series of their sitcom Catterick online.

While on the promotional trail, they decided to stick the boot in on the current crop of comedy.

Reeves said: “I think comedy probably is a young man’s game but it’s gone a bit stale at the moment.” Mortimer added: “It doesn’t feel like there’s been that much new. I think the Mighty Boosh are quite good. But I could have been watching this new crop – Michael McIntyre and people – 20 years ago.”

Reeves said: “When we were doing Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out, they were the kind of people that were around, and we came along and did something different. And they’re still there. There’s nothing new.”

Surely though, bringing back a 15 year old comedy show is hardly forward thinking?

“It didn’t feel cynical bringing it back – there’s nothing much like it. There’s a big difference between this and, like, Mock the Week and the other panel shows,” said Mortimer. “I don’t think Shooting Stars has ever successfully been replaced. There have been a few attempts – ITV2 did one with Leigh Francis, a sort of madcap thing … A few of the quizzes, even like QI, took a bit of Shooting Stars on board with silly buzzers and things, but it’s a gap that’s never been filled.”

So has comedy gone stale? Well, the stand-up circuit is as lively as ever with some incredibly talented funnyfolk coming through the ranks. However, concerning television, they certainly seem to have a point. I mean, hands up if you’re stupid enough to laugh at The Kevin Bishop Show or The TNT Show?

Perhaps comedians aren’t the problem, but rather, as alluded to in the Catterick Goes Internet thing, the problem lies in those that commission shows. Have they lost their nerve? Stewart Lee was a success… and hip, smart and edgy. But would they employ someone like Doug Stanhope on a regular basis? Methinks not.

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