Ian Wright, Melinda Messenger and Kate Walsh to Present Five’s New Nightly Magazine Show

Five is to launch a new early evening news magazine show hosted by Ian Wright, Melinda Messenger and Kate Walsh of The Apprentice fame, it was announced today.

The three hosts have been hired for their smart, witty opinions and their common sense approach to the big stories and talking points that have caught the public’s attention for the hour-long show, Live From Studio Five.  The show will be produced by Sky News and will launch in September.

Richard Woolfe, Channel Controller at Five, said: “This is news – but not as you know it.  It’s a chatty, forthright spirited magazine.  Ian, Melinda and Kate have warmth and attitude – they are a high energy, up front, breath of fresh air.

“For the first time on British TV presenters will be passionately discussing news events and expressing their no holds barred opinions in a way that reflects the way we all interact and react to the biggest stories of the day.

“With three such opinionated yet diverse hosts, the show is guaranteed to be lively, entertaining, unpredictable, spontaneous and sometimes outrageous and controversial – just watch the sparks fly.

“Every other broadcaster’s schedule at this time is totally predictable and I believe there’s a huge opportunity for a show like this which will shake things up, put Five on the map and get viewers talking about the channel.  Five has a fantastic record of innovation in news programming and this show will take that to the next level.”

The news, talk and entertainment show will bring you the day’s most gripping stories in the clearest, most entertaining way. It will mix live and recorded location reports, celebrity interviews, gossip and banter all based around that day’s popular news agenda.  

Viewers can expect to be entertained, informed, surprised and occasionally shocked as the presenters give us their personal take on that day’s events – all backed up by a team of Five News reporters and the news-gathering resources of  Sky News.  

Ian Wright said: “I can’t wait to get cracking on the new series.  Melinda and Kate are great girls and I love the banter we already have.  I struggle to get a word in when those two get going!  It will be high energy, fast-paced and a great laugh.”

Melinda Messenger said: “I am very excited to be part of a brilliant, innovative new show.  I can’t wait to work with Ian and Kate who are fantastic and I think we are going to have lots of fun together.”

Kate Walsh added: “Becoming part of the presenting team on the new show is an exhilarating and thrilling challenge – and I love a challenge! I can’t wait to get stuck in to daily live TV, and the show promises to be a totally new way of reviewing the day’s news.  Ian and Melinda are both consummate professionals and great fun, and I’m looking forward to bringing a bit of me to the personality of the show.”

Live From Studio Five is a Sky News production for Five. The Editor is David Kermode, the Programme Editor is Vivek Sharma and the Director is James Haggar.

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  • jonnieofbrixton

    So it’s going to be a fast paced show with the witty remarks of ‘street boy Ian Wright’…..With the giggling of Melinda Messenger,last seen trying to skate and laughing in an extremely annoying way and still trying so hard to be the ‘girl next door’..Obviously she is the fluffy part and can always tell viewers how hard it is to be a full time mum and have a TV career??..But the best part will be listening to someone called Kate Walsh…..who was another soon to be millionaire thanks to Lord Sugar of Shut Up You Are Fired!…Wow…this show could rival Parkinson,Ross,and make Paxman envious..well done producers for getting this team together..Money well spent..As the controller of Channel 5 said..’this is news but not as you know it’…Oh the irony…

  • Anonymous

    This will never work!!! Ian Wright is ok to present a game show, but he is not the sharpest tool in the box, and yet he is sharper than Kate and Melinda. How the hell did Kate Walsh get a TV role? Her accent is awful and we cannot understand her. Another blooper by Channel 5. Terrible

  • Anonymous

    How dare yu speak of Ian like that, he has more style and class than yr ever have. You sound like a real dog with no manners.

  • Anonymous

    i think the show is gonna be good and i watched it the other nite and i was and kate walsh is pretty and a really goood host like the others
    kates hair is gorgeous !!!!

    kate rocks

  • Anonymous

    Bring back Isla Traquair Five. Terrible decision to let this gorgeous girl go in the first place, replaced by this pile of ****.

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