Missing Banchory Man’s Story Features on Five News’ ‘Missing Month’

Five News has met with the family of missing 40 year old Quentin Adams in Aberdeenshire as part of its ‘Missing Month’ taking place throughout August, in association with the charity Missing People.

Tonight, Five News reporter Jane Dougall will be shown speaking to Carol Law, the sister of Quentin Adams who went missing in November last year when he left to buy cigarettes and never came back. His family contacted the police but after an extensive investigation nothing has been uncovered.

Not knowing where Quentin is or what has happened to him has completely traumatised his family. They say they can’t continue with their lives until they know what happened to Quentin the day he walked away . His sister Carol tells Five News:

“Every day you wake up and I think, oh my gosh, there’s still this going on. Every day you hope you get a letter or a phone call or you see him somewhere and even in the back of my mind wishing that the police would maybe just come to your door as well and just say we know where he is.

“I don’t think that he’s committed suicide, I don’t. There’s something inside me that tells me that I know he hasn’t done that. I think he is somewhere trying to carry on, I’ve just got this inner belief that he is out there trying to carry on somewhere.”

When asked what she would say if he was watching this report Carol replied:

“I’d say just Quentin please I miss you so much, just let us know you’re ok, just please let us know you’re alright cause it’s hard, we miss you, we love you.”

During ‘Missing Month’, Five News is focusing on the on the plight of some of the UK’s many thousands of missing people and their families, with a special ‘Missing’ strand running through its programmes.

Five News is working with the charity ‘Missing People’ and is featuring a different package every week of August, highlighting either a specific missing person’s case or the wider work of the police and the charity in their quest to reconnect families in the UK with their missing relatives.

In addition, each day of the week on Five News’ 5pm and 7pm bulletins a short photo appeal for a different missing person will feature on air at the end of each programme.

Vikki Cook, Deputy Editor of Five News said: “By dedicating August as Missing month, we hope that we can help to bring to the public attention some of the outstanding missing person’s cases and perhaps even help to re-unite some families with their missing relatives.”

Alison Cowan, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Missing People said, “More than 200,000 incidents of missing people are recorded each year, two thirds of whom are under 19. The charity works to support, find and safeguard all those affected by the issue of missing. We are delighted that Five News has thrown their support behind this important issue. Our hope is that the awareness raised by the Missing Month will help us to reunite some of the families who are living in limbo after the disappearance of a loved one, and make the public aware of the charity’s need for funds. If you have a sighting or information about a missing person, please call Missing People confidentially on Freefone 0500 700 700. Missing People also provides a 24 hour Freefone Message Home service (0800 700 740) to enable missing adults such as Quentin, and the estimated 70,000 adults who are reported missing each year, to regain contact with their familes. Recently – released figures from the charity reveal that the line received over 32,000 calls in 2007-8.”

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