Monday Monday: Episode 5

Monday, 10 August 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Christine has volunteered Sally for a job swap but is then appalled to realise that she’s going to have a boy from the bakery counter at the local Butterworth’s store working as her PA. However, she’s cheered up that Gillen is a rather good looking young man and starts putting into practice her advice from her AA sponsor that she needs to work on building friendships.

Sally’s in a bad way – it’s the day that she would have married Michael and she receives flowers from him with an apology. She’s also fed up that she has to work in the supermarket until she gets a visit from Steven at lunchtime. But it’s spoiled when he asks her out for a drink – just as friends.

Christine informs the staff that they all have to do 360 degree appraisals which involves them being completely honest about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. However, she’s distracted by wanting to skip out early to help Gillen out with his gig and accidently emails the appraisals to everyone in the company, causing fury and distress all round.

Christine gets so carried away at Gillen’s gig that she misreads all the signals and makes a pass at him – and is humiliatingly rebuffed. After all her strong will, she heads straight for the bottle. Sally cleans her up and makes her face the wrath of her colleagues. As a way of clearing the air, Christine holds a kind of talk show therapy session where the Karens and Vince and Max make up. They then have a party where Steven starts to try telling Sally that his feelings have changed – but he’s interrupted by Alyson who’s decided that it’s time they went public with their relationship.

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