Monday Monday Series Finale

Monday, 24 August 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Everyone’s shocked to learn that Roger’s resigning and Alyson assumes she’s a certainty for the job. But Gavin,the chairman, tells her they’re seeing other candidates, and she does a terrible interview when she’s understandably distracted by the fact that she’s just learned that she’s pregnant.

Sally is worried that Steven might have changed his mind,but he assures her that he’s going to tell Alyson it’s over and then ‘woo’ her. She’s overwhelmed with happiness until she’s told by Natasha that there’s a team of management consultants in the office – and they’re led by her ex, Michael.

Michael tells Sally that he’s been thrown into this at the last minute and doesn’t want to rock the boat for her, but he wants to apologise and try to make amends for the hurt he caused her. He’s finished with her sister and wants another chance but Sally tells him she’s met someone else and she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Steven finally gets the courage to finish with Alyson, but doesn’t know that she’s pregnant. Christine finds out from seeing her do a test and tells Sally, not realising how devastating the news is for her. Sally tells Steven who feels he has to stand by Alyson. Sally is heartbroken but knows he’s doing the right thing. But Alyson realises that Steven is in love with Sally, not her, and tells him she wants to do this whole baby thing on her own.
Max and Christine (who’s checked out of rehab early after hearing about Roger) are feeling very threatened by the management consultants and come up with a cunning plan to show them how brilliant they are at their jobs. But Christine’s thrown when Sally learns from Michael that they’re recommending replacing her. Roger tells Christine that she’ll work out how to stay.

Jenny furiously tells Roger that she paid Margaret Fox off to save his job and now he’s resigning anyway, leaving Jenny with nothing. He promises to pay her back and tells her he thinks the world of her – and subtly recommends her to Alyson. He’s preparing to go to his surprise retirement party when he collapses in pain – and Jenny’s devastated to find him dead in his office.

Christine tells Alyson she can’t get rid of her due to employment law – and manages to hang on to her job. Alyson is offered the CEO job and confesses to Jenny that she’s pregnant and doesn’t know what to do. Jenny tells her she just needs some good support – like a good PA – and that she’d be happy to do the job.

Sally, upset about Steven, ends up getting drunk and spending the night with Michael – although nothing happens between them. She finds herself being drawn back to Michael, until she realises that he’s not the man for her and goes to Steven’s place, climbing a ladder to his bedroom in a grand romantic gesture. Despite all their problems, they have finally found a way to be together.

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