Review: Shooting Stars, BBC Two

With Vic Reeves bemoaning the state of modern comedy, here he is, with his trusty pal Bob Mortimer in tow, hawking an old show back onto our screens. Of course, that old show is the new series of Shooting Stars which has been off our screens for exactly 40 years.

All the old favourites returned, with Matt Lucas reprising his George Dawes routine in a typically affable manner. Back too was Vic rubbing his groin in the Pretty Girl To His Immediate Right, the Dove From Above, weird and wonderful contraptions and Ulrika Jonsson.

However, with this being a new show, we need new things right?

New jokes would have been a start. Anyone who heard the “Enid Brighton” joke and didn’t wince in agony is probably the kind of person who wishes someone would bring back the ‘classic’ ‘comedy’ of the seventies, complete with bud-bud-ding-ding ‘jokes’.

There was new stuff to get stuck into. Angelos Epithemiou is a character who is a premanent fixture on the panel and suitably odd, in a Potential Murderer In A Bedsit kinda way. He’s pretty funny and clearly waiting to hit full stride on the show. Jack Dee is the man chosen to replace Mark Lamarr as The Grumpy Team Captain, but sadly, doesn’t pull off the sulking half as well, despite basing his career on it.

Despite the occasional flashes of brilliance (or, should I say, flashes of skiddy undercrackers), the show lagged and was patchy at best. If you’re going to slate comedy for not being fresh, then you’d better up the ante a bit.

This first new show felt like it rested on its laurels a bit.

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