Charity's return, soapy runners and Lacey Turner on 'those' pics

Lacey Turner, who plays Stacey Slater in EastEnders has told Now magazine that it was “horrible” to see paparazzi pictures of herself while on holiday and wearing a bikini.

Some of the shots were less than flattering – though I’d give an arm and a leg to look as slim as she does! – and were taken while Lacey was relaxing in Dubai last year, but Lacey reckons that at least the pics show that she’s “only human.”

She told the magazine, “Unless you have an unbelievable figure, I don’t think you want to be reminded of what you look like in a bikini.

“It’s not like I was obese, just a bit podgy.

“Yes, I was eating chips and smoking a cigarette, but that’s because I’m human!

“I’m a size 8-10 and I could do with toning up, but I just keep hoping I’ll miraculously wake up one morning with a six-pack!” Me and you both Lacey!

She added, “I did join a gym and do a few classes, but I can’t stick to it.” Other soap stars however have been going all out to get fit for the Great North Run which was run on the 20th of this month in aid of Leukaemia Research…

Tony Audenshaw who plays Bob in Emmerdale ran with several of his co-stars from the show – including Chris Chittell, Jeff Hordley and Nicola Wheeler – and from the set of Coronation Street, Vicky Binns who plays Molly – a keen runner in the show – was along for the run with co-stars Conor Ryan, Graham Hawley, Rachel Leskovac and Craig Gazey.

Back on the Emmerdale set though, Emma Atkins – who plays Charity – has been speaking to Digital Spy about the rumours surrounding her return to the village. Emma refused to comment on speculation that her character is pregnant with her daughter Debbie’s beau, Michael. She has confirmed however that Charity has her son Noah in tow, and keeping hold of a child is something of a first for Charity!

Emma told DS, “Yeah, she [Charity] didn’t dump him [Noah].

“He’s one thing she didn’t desert in her life. It’s nice because there’s a great relationship forming between mother and son.

“Working with little Jack Downham is brilliant. He’s funny, he listens, he’s cute, naughty and intelligent.

“Charity and Noah are like partners in crime, which obviously causes a lot of jealousy for Debbie, because she never had that connection with her mum.”

In fact, so little connection with her mum has Debbie had over the last few years, Charity doesn’t even know she’s a granny yet. I can’t wait to see her return on the 1st October!

There’s sure to be enormous shockwaves as both Charity and Debbie – and indeed Michael – realises they’ve all been involved in a shocking ménage à trois!

Join me again tomorrow for more news and gossip from The Big Three Soaps.

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