Derren Brown The Events

Psychological illusionist Derren Brown returns to Channel 4 this autumn in The Events with his most ambitious undertaking to date.

Previous specials have seen him perform Russian Roulette live; apparently contact the dead in an interactive séance; convince members of the public to engage in a daylight robbery of an armoured security van; and teach a foolproof horse race gambling system.

In The Events, Derren has been working for over a year on four highly complex shows of ‘misdirection’.

Each event has an underlying theme: to trick, to win, to fool and, of course, to control. Derren will invite an audience to witness his unique skills and, in a first, viewers at home will be able to interact and participate in each event. Derren will also explain some of the techniques behind the stunts.

The only clue as to what The Events will be is a cryptic quote from Derren: ‘In the modern world of mass communication and big business, simple tricks can be developed to make even the most secure of systems vulnerable when you know where to push.’

Friday 11th September on Channel 4

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Another week and another Red Bull Bedroom Jam, this time the live feed heads down to London, for the interestingly titled 'Why Whiskey Why?'

Why Whiskey Why? sound like the evil twins from The Shining with a sad guitar, a little like Coco Rosie, but less serious and ethereal and more like they're from below the Watford Gap. The duo, consisting of Josie and Sian, describe themselves as "two girls who can't play guitar, trying to make music." After a storming set at this year’s Underage Festival their pleasant guitar playing has completely thrown that description out of the window. We and their growing legion of fans like them and we think that they are destined to become embedded in your brain, or at least in a few playlists!

Check them out live on the latest Red Bull Bedroom Jam, Thursday 23rd October live @ 7pm only at

What is Red Bull Bedroom Jam?

Red Bull Bedroom Jam aims to give wiiings to new musical talent, of any genre, aged 19 years or younger. Every week the Red Bull Bedroom Jam panel of experts choose one band to be the focus of a LIVE webcast. Then, with the help of local young promoters, Red Bull produced marketing materials are distributed around the local area in order to raise awareness ready for show time!

How do artists or viewers get involved?
Artists and musicians can register and upload a music video or live performance at: Once moderated, the content appears in the ‘Watch and Rate” section of the website. Bands can then ask their mates and fans to watch the content and rate it. There is no registration process to rate tracks but there is an optional newsletter sign up so viewers can be alerted when bands are selected for LIVE performances.

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