Dispatches: Middle Class And Jobless

Monday, September 14 on 4

As the number of unemployed people approaches 2.5 million, Dispatches examines one of the biggest surprises of this recession: middle-class unemployment. From company directors to university graduates, this film follows the experience of several people who have found themselves out of work and desperately in search of a job, with some going to extraordinary lengths to try to secure one. Set against the backdrop of the government’s declared efforts to help the unemployed, Dispatches highlights the practical realities of trying to find work, even when armed with a degree or a glowing CV.

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  • Anonymous

    Well, well, well.

    Like those f**kwits who work for A4E there is a Man patronising a very downbeat group of ‘clients’, ‘customers’ whatever people are now called, saying ‘So how do we get from here … to …here … without comitting suicide or your wife leaving you…’. C**t. Then the handshake routine. Double C**t.

    Good program. Times are tough.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Anonymous about the careers advisers being the real ones who are cashing in. Moreover as a graduate trying to find work I really identified with the struggles of the candidates featured.

    I was in a better position at university ordering the pizzas; I don’t want to be the one delivering them now!

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