Farmer Wants a Wife Series Premiere

Louise Redknapp helps lonesome farmers find their perfect woman in this playful new series for Five. In the opening instalment, arable farmer Derek must choose a girlfriend from a shortlist of four lovely ladies. He whittles his options down to two – bubbly Canadian Karla and level-headed Sarah. But which of these aspiring farmer’s wives will win Derek’s heart?

“There’s something about a life in the romantic British countryside that really appeals to a lot of ladies,” says Louise Redknapp. “So when we advertised six single farmers on the internet, the response was overwhelming.” More than 2,000 women applied for the role of farmer’s wife.

The first candidate looking for love is 30-year-old arable farmer Derek from Buckinghamshire. Single for a year, Derek admits it is hard to meet the fairer sex in the middle of the country. “I’ve had a very busy few years running the farm and now it’s sort of dawned on me – I need to settle down,” he says. “I really do miss having someone to go out with.”

Derek has received an incredible 334 replies from women keen to take up life on his farm. From these applicants, he has created a shortlist of four lucky ladies. They include vivacious Canadian Karla, who claims she would make the perfect farmer’s wife because she can sow, mend and is good in bed. Her rivals are Russian Anna, a feng shui specialist; home counties girl Sarah, who lists cooking and entertaining among her hobbies; and 26-year-old Hannah, the youngest of the competitors.

As Derek spends some one-on-one time with each of the girls, flirty Karla sets out her stall. “I reckon you could fit in my pants,” she tells Derek. “She’s a bit of livewire, that girl,” says the bemused farmer. “I think I’d have a job to handle her.” Having sized up all four girls, Derek decides to send Hannah and Anna home – leaving the blonde duo of Karla and Sarah to fight for his affections.

The pair are treated to a hot-air balloon ride with Derek to get a bird’s-eye view of the rolling countryside. A bumpy landing, however, sees Karla tumbling on top of Derek. “If we can re-run the landing, I’ll make sure that I nick Karla’s spot next time,” says a slightly miffed Sarah. Further shocks are in store at the house, when the love rivals learn that Derek only has one spare room – so they must share a bed.

The girls get a taste of life as a farmer’s wife when they help out with chores on the farm. Karla’s cheeky banter soon gets Derek’s pulse racing. “They’re both playing very different games,” he reflects. “Karla’s very much in your face… Sarah’s very much like, ‘let’s sit back a bit’.” After a ride in the tractor with each girl, the farmer admits that Sarah’s gentle approach has its charm – but is equally impressed when Karla shows her sensitive side in a private chat.

Louise arrives to assess the state of play and is fascinated to learn that both girls are smitten with their sturdy farmer. “By the sound of it, you both really fancy him… what’s gonna happen?” she asks. Sneaky Karla then tries to steal a march on her rival by slipping out of bed one night to join Derek in his room. Not to be out done, Sarah joins the pair. As the final day approaches, it is clear that one girl is going to be left very disappointed. “I haven’t got a clue where I’m going with this,” Derek admits.

After some serious heart-to-heart discussions with his two favourite ladies, Derek makes the difficult decision to send one of them home. The triumphant girl gets to enjoy some quality time with Derek on the farm. Two weeks later, Derek heads to London for a weekend with his chosen lass. But this farmer’s search for a wife is far from over. “If you think that’s the end of the story, you’d be quite wrong,” says Louise. “There’s not one but two twists to come in this romantic tale.” Which of the pair will plough their way to Derek’s heart?

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