In anticipation of Derren Brown's latest TV stunts!

Tonight, Derren Brown kicks off his latest stunts in Derren Brown: The Gathering (Channel 4, 10.45pm).

This week, he’s going to do his most audatious trick… notably, he’s going to predict the lottery results! Can you believe the cheek of him? Well, if you’ve watched him for more than a minute with your eyes and ears open, you certainly should believe it!

You see, what makes Derren Brown so wonderful and enjoyable is that he’s a very modern magician… the perfect post-millenium entertainer.

While previous magicmen and women have plied us with This Is Real Magic, Brown has side-stepped it all and preyed straight onto our cynicism.

Generally, We The People don’t believe in anything. So, Brown has told us the secret before he’s even started to mess with our minds. The simple fact is this: Everything you see is a clever ruse. Nothing done here is anything other than science.

That is where Brown’s genius really lies. While he hammers nails into his face, ‘talks’ to the ‘dead’ and makes bookies pay up on losing greyhounds, we know damn well that there is no spiritual mystery to his trickery, yet, we still fizz with excitement and completely fail to work out how he does it.

So with that, pretty much everyone should tune in for his new shows. Sure, some of the magic may have gone from the days of Houdini or Daniels… but he’s replaced it with something else – theatre… and by God, he doesn’t half put on a good show.

Miss this and miss out.

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