Jack Osbourne: Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie Series Premiere

Tuesday, 15 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Jack Osbourne is back for a new series of Jack Osbourne Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie, but this time he’s accompanied by the rest of his family. In this first episode of the new series Jack is joined by sister Kelly and parents Sharon and Ozzy as the Osbournes take part in a family adventure Adrenaline Junkie style.

After five years of hair raising antics he’s joined by his parents in Las Vegas and Jack’s aware of the challenges they all face. “My parents are out here and they’re both really old….but I’m looking forward to trying to get them stuck in.”

Unfortunately Ozzy comes down with the flu but Sharon has a plan. She calls daughter Kelly and gets her to fly from New York to take part in the first event – rock crawling.

Rock crawling involves attempting to drive highly modified four wheel drive vehicles up near vertical rock faces, down terrifying drops and over obstacles that would be impossible to tackle in a normal vehicle. After checking if her mother has remembered to wear a sports bra, Kelly, although jet lagged, dives straight in and is the first to practice manoeuvring the vehicle.
After Jack and Sharon also have a try, they test their skills out on a course which involves driving over twenty or so steep tricky rocks, round bollards and through a series of mini crevasses all without rolling the vehicle. Each Osbourne will be timed and the fastest one round the course wins.

Sharon is the first to tackle the course after feeling confident in her practice. While driving through a gulley, Sharon deviates slightly from the precise path and terrifyingly the vehicle flips over and leaves her and her instructor hanging upside down. Jack admits he’s worried “I thought she was going to get her hand crushed” but Kelly is visibly upset despite Sharon’s assertions that she’s ok.
Once the right way up, Sharon gets the car in gear and out of the gulley. After getting out of the vehicle, she laughs off her first attempt at rock crawling. “Two minutes on it and I f**k the whole thing up!”

Kelly decides she doesn’t want to attempt the course after her mum but Jack manoeuvres his way round brilliantly.
The next morning, Kelly leaves for the airport and Jack and Ozzy, who’s now feeling better, set off for some father and son bonding….by going indoor sky diving. Jack is planning on doing a skydive over the Nevada desert the following day and this is his chance to persuade his dad to join him.

Since a near fatal quad bike accident six years ago Ozzy has to be careful what activities he undertakes. But he’s intrigued watching the indoor skydiving, which he describes as “like being stoned without any dope.”

“I don’t know where Jack gets his intrepid streak from,” Ozzy says. “I used to have to be out of my face to do any of this stuff.”
After watching Jack, Ozzy decides to have a go and, assisted by instructors, he throws himself into it as the wind from the jet engine blasts him at one hundred and twenty miles an hour. Afterwards, a buzzing Ozzy describes it as “the most powerful f***ing hairdryer you’ve ever used.”

The next morning Sharon and Ozzy accompany Jack into the Nevada desert as he prepares for his skydive. Ozzy bows out of joining Jack on his jump, but accompanies him in the plane while Sharon watches from terra firma. As the plane reaches 15,000 feet Jack and the camera crew launch and plummet to earth at one hundred and twenty miles an hour.

In the plane, Ozzy faces a challenge of his own. Since his guitarist Randy Rhoads died in a plane accident in the 1980s, Ozzy had avoided travelling in light aircraft. But he admits that this experience “has kind of broken a curse for me.”

After watching Jack, both Sharon and Ozzy admit they wouldn’t mind having a go at skydiving so Jack organises one last adrenaline fuelled adventure in the desert. The Osbournes board a specially converted plane to experience zero gravity. A converted 747 passenger jet, the plane has had most of its seats ripped out and has reinforced wings. It will climb to 34,000 feet to begin manoeuvres.

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