Lauren Harries banned from This Morning

Phillip Schofield has stated that Lauren Harries has been banned from This Morning after her appearance on the show earlier today.

The presenter said that the former child star won’t be invited back to the show following her “peculiar” performance this morning, when she was interviewed about transgender issues alongside Dr Kenneth Demsky.

During the interview, Harries did an impression of Little Britain character Anne with the “Eh! Eh! Eh!” catchphrase before appearring to stand up and grab her breasts shortly before the commercial break.

For those who don’t know, Harries had a sex change in 2001 and was a child star in the late eighties.

Schofield said: “What a shame that Lauren did her cause no good at all. You just never know what’s next do you?

“Sadly [Lauren] let herself down a bit on the show today by behaving in a most peculiar fashion. Certainly didn’t advance understanding. We will regroup, recast and try again. I really want to hear more from the doctor who was on with her. He was a little bemused!

“She did an ‘Anne’ from Little Britain! Maybe it was a dare. Spectacularly inappropriate and very silly… If I wasn’t so cross at the wasted opportunity to advance public perception I think I would laugh at the utter madness of it all.

“Oh well, she won’t be on This Morning again. I hope the doctor will come back, though… but with a more sensible spokesperson.”

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