Noddy in Toyland: Noddy’s Great Save

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September at 8.00am

The irrepressible Noddy continues his new adventures in Toyland. This colourful animation refreshes Enid Blyton’s much-loved creation for a new generation of children to enjoy in the 60thanniversary year of this British icon. ‘Noddy in Toyland’ embraces Blyton’s original vision of a place where toys have come to life. Every character, set and prop in this fantastic world is designed to look like a toy.

In the new series, Noddy’s world has expanded to include outlying areas of Toy Town such as the harbour –where mermaids live and pirates sail – and the Enchanted Forest. There are a number of new developments in town such as Game Board Street, Dolls House Street and the Race Track.

In Saturday’s episode, ‘Noddy’s Great Save’, Noddy takes the Skittles to hunt for shells on the beach. But while his back is turned, the Skittles find themselves trapped on a rock by the waves!

Sunday’s show is ‘Noddy and the Cuckoo’. The cuckoo flies off in search of fun, leaving Toy Town to slip into disarray. Noddy takes to the skies in his aeroplane to search for her. Can he find the cuckoo and restore order to the town before anarchy takes a permanent hold?

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