Review: Shooting Stars (BBC Two)

Aaaargh! Shooting Stars (BBC Two, Wednesday, 9 September, 10pm) is so irritating that it’s making my teeth scream.

The first in the new series was patchy at best, the second brought my living room ceiling down it was so funny… so in the same way most hip-hop careers go, it seems we’re following the formula of one good album, one bad, one good, one bad… and on and on.

Last night, the show had me expecting again. I was happy to write the first show off as a blip and that from the second show on, we’d regain the magic of the Shooting Stars of yesteryear.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be. As I sat there, interested enough, I didn’t really let out one of those big belly laughs that only Vic and Bob can prompt. Sure, it ticked all the boxes of a Shooting Stars episode… but sadly, it mostly felt like A.N. Other Vic & Bob Production, which is a real shame as they don’t tend to make shoddy products.

On a purely geek level, I think that the real problem of the show is that Vic Reeves is faced with people who ‘get him’. They’re all too aware of the format of the show and, as such, gone is the fun of watching people who are absolutely non-plussed by what is going on.

Instead of inviting Julia Bradbury on the show, they should have got one of The Saturdays, who would’ve been a little frightened by Vic’s perv-skit and indeed, the prospect of seeing Frankie From The Saturdays nervously laughing throughout would have brought more joy than seeing Her Who Ruined Watchdog treading the I’m Cool And Know What Is Going On Here thing.

Also, the who thing felt a little static. The cameras used to crash and pan wildly, with fast anarchic edits, leaving the viewer feeling a little dizzy and drunk. Now, it’s like watching The Generation Game, only with herrings and adults in nappies replacing a segment involving someone icing a cake.

I guess that’s part of the problem. The show feels as staid as some of the things it once lampooned. Don’t get me wrong… I’d rather have a rubbish Shooting Stars on the box than a lot of other tripe that’s clogging up TV’s u-bend… but really, this show can surely do better?

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