Review: The Fixer

Britain is a touchy feely place. We’d never let on, but in a country where Community Support Police Droogs thrive, we can’t be that hard. In fact, the police are a bunch of soft arses really. Once upon a time, they went around beating up ‘the coloureds’ and miners and now… well… you only ever see ’em hurtling past with flashing lights or queing up at Greggs.

TV normally reflects real life and extends it to the point of parody. However, TV doesn’t much fancy showing the gentle side of modern policing as it would effectively be a show about human resources and coppers filling out loads of forms.

Enter The Fixer.

The Fixer is indicative of what TV likes to think the police force is like. Tough, secretive and always shooting guns at baddies. Taggart, weirdly, has been stuck in its old fashioned ways for so long that everything has come full circle and, should you watch it now, you’ll have a great time. Ashes To Ashes/Life On Mars brought us more chest beating, crim-kicking action… and The Fixer is looking to outdo them all.

And it bloody well pulls it off too.

The new series kicked off this week and Andrew Buchan’s John Mercer found himself grimacing at authority and getting angry about bad people. The bad people in this case are a uniformly handsome bunch of black men who deal in drugs and… kids.

Of course, if the brilliant first series of the show told us anything, nothing will be as simple as it initially seems. As such, the opening gambit, which included a preposterously fun shoot out scene amongst a bunch of cars and nasty gang types seething ‘snitch’ from under their masks, had this reviewer gripping the sofa arm so hard that I grafted stuffing into my bone marrow.

Lenny returned once more to generally be colder than an Eskimo’s sock drawer and do his darnedest to steal the show. Mercifully, with such a strong and unified cast, there’s not really much danger as they effectively take it in turns in being your favourite from the series.

With flexing muscles and dimly lit side-streets, The Fixer once again, looks like the only show on ITV that is truly worth tuning in for. Make no mistake: If this was on the BBC, people would be hurling themselves from tower blocks just to heap on the praise more than the last person.

Sensational television!

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