The Fixer Returns

Tuesday, 8 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Jamie (Jamie Glover) is handed over to the paedophile Hyde (Rob Jarvis) but the team has traced Jamie through his mobile phone. As Calum (Jody Latham) retrieves the terrified young boy, Mercer (Andrew Buchan) rounds on Hyde and beats him to within an inch of his life. But the misery for Hyde does not end there, Rather than hand him over to the police, the team pressure him to give Rose (Tamzin Outhwaite) access to Clinton (Johan Myres). Rose is to pose as a woman desperate to buy a baby. Having retrieved the gun used in B’s murder via the man who can, Calum, she is to plant the evidence in order to secure Clinton’s conviction.

Meanwhile, the death of B (Ashley Chin) has brought about much unwanted publicity which threatens the business plans of Westbrook (Mark Benton) and his Bulgarian partners. In prison, Westbrook and his Bulgarian contact Gabor Antonov (Peter Sullivan) plot to assassinate Clinton. As Rose meets up with Clinton at his barber’s shop the assassin Ivano Popov (Jason Croot), hired by Antonov’s paymasters to silence the unreliable gangster, shoots the place up. Having already planted the B murder weapon in the cistern of the upstairs toilet, the Rose scrambles for the gun. As Clinton lies dieing, Popov moves through the shop ensuring he has left no-one alive. As she frantically unwraps the pistol from its waterproof packaging, she frees the weapon just in time to shoot the assassin through the locked toilet door.

Bowland introduces Lenny to Matt Symmonds (Elliot Cowan) a young M16 officer who has been fast tracked through the organisation. Ferociously ambitious and arrogant he appears to have more than a passing interest in the breaking of the paedophile ring. Symmonds is the operative from MI6 has helped the team acquire the B murder weapon and now holds Lenny in favour.

With Clinton dead, there is no hope of using him to entrap Westbrook and as the latter is up for parole the race is on to break the child trafficking ring from the inside. So for Mercer and Calum, it’s back to prison where they are tasked with taking out Westbrook and severing the link to his international trafficking contacts. Mercer tries to befriend Westbrook but is frustrated by the Bulgarian protectors that accompany him everywhere. Westbrook becomes suspicious of Mercer’s attentions and decides to test his integrity by ordering the beating up of Calum. Meanwhile Mercer has other problems. He is visited in prison by Symmonds. Like Lenny, Mercer’s dislike of the young operative is instant and intense as he makes a clumsy attempt at turning Mercer against Lenny, instructing him to assassinate Antonov rather than Westbrook. For Symmonds, the destruction of the paedophile ring is not as important as making a powerful friend in the Balkans. Having completely underestimated Mercer’s loyalty, Symmonds is surprised and infuriated by his refusal to obey. But the approach provides John with an idea as to how to remove the Bulgarians who are protecting Westbrook. However, he can’t move against Westbrook until the new distribution system for paedophiles has been discovered. A large shipment of children is coming to the UK and the team need to know where and when they will be delivered before Westbrook is killed.

Rose uses the unfortunate Mr. Hyde to find out details of the man replacing Clinton and the shipment of children. The call comes through to Mercer in prison that the team have all that they need. Mercer then does a trade with Antonov saying that the British state want him dead but if Antonov allows Mercer five minutes alone with Westbrook he will be spared. Using a syringe of heroin sourced by Calum and simultaneously choking Westbrook on an apple, Westbrook is swiftly and effectively dispatched by Mercer.

The shipment of children is rescued and Calum introduces Jamie to his wife Manuela (Elisa Terren). Bowland on his death bed warns Lenny against the attentions of Symmonds. As his earlier warning of false admirers comes back to haunt Lenny, Bowland (Phil Davis) tells his old friend “he wants your team.”

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